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Top 15 Video Games With Immense Potential That Ultimately Disappointed

Top 15 Video Games With Immense Potential That Ultimately Disappointed

We’ve seen games that were overhyped and failed to deliver, we’ve seen games that were technical nightmares, we’ve seen games that had no real story and we’ve seen games that just broke our hearts with how bad/boring the were. So here’s a Top 15 list of games that disappointed us for one reason or another.

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Final Fantasy XV

Even after a long development cycle and major improvements in gameplay and visuals, the overall final experience was ultimately disappointing. While individual battles and encounters were enjoyable, the game never delivered the sense of epic wonder and magic that Final Fantasy games usually do.

Metal Gear Solid V

The first hour of Metal Gear Solid V was pure Kojima madness, and I really wish that the rest of games had been more of that consistently. While the gameplay was top notch, and mission designs were excellent, the game lacked the wackiness, over the top action and lengthy cutscenes that I have come to love about Metal Gear Solid. And fuck that Chapter 2 and the ending.

Mass Effect 3

After hundreds of hours spent in the Mass Effect saga, the weak ending definitely left a bad taste in many people’s mouth. For may who were invested in Shepard’s tale and the fate of the human race, Mass Effect 3’s ending felt like an insult to anyone who had spent the time developing romances exploring planets, and getting their galactic readiness off the charts.

No Man’s Sky

We were promised the world, and got a whole buggy universe with not a lot to do and enjoy. No Man’s Sky was a culmination of fan hype and developer lies, coming to a dismal failure in the end.

The Division

Even without the graphical downgrade, The Division has a lot of problems. Lackluster story, troubles PvP, and annoying bullet-sponge enemies kept the game from ever getting the massive appeal that it aimed for.


While ReCore has an interesting premise and the game was undoubtedly fun, the overall lack of polish and an incomplete ending made for a forgettable experience in the end.


This was another case of fans expecting an epic story, but instead getting small areas with bullet sponge enemies and tedious grinding for loot. While the first person combat felt excellent, there was none of the world building and narrative that Bungie had been known for. Also, the lack of content at launch didn’t help either.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I had been so eager to jump back into the world of Mass Effect, explore new worlds, forge alliances, build relationships and be a part of an epic galactic saga. Instead we got a dull story and a huge buggy mess of a game.

Quantum Break

Remedy tried to bring in new ways of story telling in Quantum Break, by delivering the majority of the story using a TV built into the game, and giving you choices that had serious consequences. Even so, the game never really clicked with a lot of gamers, and we probably won’t be seeing this sort of experimentation from developers anytime soon. I actually did enjoy the game for what it was.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition had its moments, but after spending 40+ hours with the game, most of it grinding for herbs, I was done. And so were many others. Gone were the depth in tactics, interesting characters or a great fantasy world.


Evolve’s downfall was a mix of strange marketing that focused on e-sports and a lack of launch content. And when players discovered how heavily the game leaned on DLC, many of them dropped. Pretty soon Evolve’s playerbase had dwindled, fatally so for a multiplayer game.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Apart from the being a buggy mess on PCs, Batman: Arkham City lost a lot of story focus and personality because of the developers giving more attention to building an open world. The Batmobile was also given way too much screentime. Add to that the annoyance of having to solve all the Riddler puzzles in order to see the real ending, and the even the world greatest detective was left clueless as to why people didn’t like him so much anymore.

Fallout 4

Boring quests, predictable main plot, bland characters, and an uninteresting post-apocalyptic world. Definitely not what anyone wants in a Fallout game.

The Order: 1886

The premise of The Order: 1886 was really unique and interesting. However, the stubborn focus on cinematic presentation held the game back from really leaving a good impression.

Star Wars: Battlefront

How do you expect to deliver the Star Wars experience without an epic single player campaign? Add to that a very small roster of maps and game modes, and people were playing Battlefield with a Star Wars skin on it.

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