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Video Games That Sparked Massive Controversy In India

Sometimes controversies make sense, some times the reasons behind controversies are bat shit crazy, this is a list of 4 games that sparked controversy in India because Indians are REALLY sentimental! Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Top 15 Video Games With Immense Potential That Ultimately Disappointed

We’ve seen games that were overhyped and failed to deliver, we’ve seen games that were technical nightmares, we’ve seen games that had no real story and we’ve seen games that just broke our hearts with how bad/boring the were. So here’s a Top 15 list of games that disappointed us for one reason or another. [interaction id=”5963780bf7ddd65e0bce104e”] Final Fantasy XV Even after a long development cycle and major improvements in gameplay and visuals, the overall final experience was ultimately disappointing. While individual battles and encounters were enjoyable, the game never delivered the sense of epic wonder and magic that Final Fantasy games usually do. Metal Gear Solid V The first hour of Metal Gear Solid V was pure Kojima madness, and I really...

Top 4 Video Games That Sparked Controversy In India

Indians take offence easily and tend to get defensive when their sentiments are hurt. The tricky part is that India is a diverse nation and what might offend some section of society might not offend another and vice versa. Most would remember the Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend video faced a lot of flak for cultural appropriation of Indian religion and culture. I agree that India was depicted in a rather dramatic manner but I thought people seemed to forget that it was just a music video, which everyone knows is a bit over the top. I know dismissing it by just calling it a music video is not doing the controversy justice as this is a mulit-faceted  debate. However there is an insightful article on The Guardian that gets into the finer details of this matter. Moving back to the articl...

Dragon Age: Inquisition mods are actually a thing

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks like it will indeed be getting mods, contrary to popular belief, with work on a particular modding tool proceeding apace.As stated on the Nexus Mods page, DAI Tools’ goal is to make a Skyrim-alike creation kit, so anyone can modify the assets in Inquisition. DAI Tools has been available since December 19, with the most recent update being a special Christmas present. That, or just one that happened to be on Christmas Day, who knows? At the time of writing all you can mod is some Skyhold outfit colours, but the fact you can do this shows a promising start for a game a lot of assumed would just remain unmodded. No word as of yet if EA is sharpening its ban-hammer, or even if it’s something that needs to be sharpened. But I for one would hope everythi...

Dragon Age: Inquisition wins overall Game of the Year

The 2014 Game Awards were held. And BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition won overall Game of the Year, while Shovel Knight won the best independent game. Below we have all the winner in their category with the other nominees. Do you think they got it right? Who might have you wanted to win? Let us know in the comments below. Game of the Year: Bayonetta 2 Dark Souls II Dragon Age: Inquisition (Winner) Hearthstone Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Best Independent Game: Broken Age – Act 1 Monument Valley Shovel Knight (Winner) Transistor The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Best Narrative: South Park: The Stick of Truth The Walking Dead — Season 2 The Wolf Among Us Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Winner) Wolfenstein: The New Order Best Performance: Adam Harrington as Bigby Wolf — T...

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