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Top 15 Video Games With Immense Potential That Ultimately Disappointed

We’ve seen games that were overhyped and failed to deliver, we’ve seen games that were technical nightmares, we’ve seen games that had no real story and we’ve seen games that just broke our hearts with how bad/boring the were. So here’s a Top 15 list of games that disappointed us for one reason or another. [interaction id=”5963780bf7ddd65e0bce104e”] Final Fantasy XV Even after a long development cycle and major improvements in gameplay and visuals, the overall final experience was ultimately disappointing. While individual battles and encounters were enjoyable, the game never delivered the sense of epic wonder and magic that Final Fantasy games usually do. Metal Gear Solid V The first hour of Metal Gear Solid V was pure Kojima madness, and I really...

Top 5 Most Disappointing Games Of 2015

What with Falllout 4, Witcher 3, etc, keeping gamers satisfactorily happy and busy this year, it’s easy to forget about some of the terrible titles released this year. Well, worry not, we’ve handpicked some of the worst games that you’d do well to pass up. Watch the video here: Read on, and don’t look back. Battlefield Hardline: You know you might have messed up when an older game in a series has more active players than the newest one. That’s the case with Battlefield Hardline as, after a short spurt of interest, gamers have fled quicker back to Battlefield 4 than a suspicious sounding Kickstarter campaign. It’s not that Hardline is inherently a terrible game, it’s simply unnecessary. People complained before release that it looked more like a reskin of earlier gam...

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