The Order: 1886

Video Games With Massive Hype That Everyone Has Forgotten About

These games caught our attention and our interest but in the end they ended being forgotten due to bad gameplay or shitty execution or short story. These are the games that got us taking about them but now these games are only whispered in a dark alley. These are the games that had massive hype but now are forgotten. Brute Force Brute force was released on original Xbox in 2003. The game was a squad based third person shooter that uses 4 members of a team which fight in numerous battles. It was introduced as a Halo Killer and though it killed something it wasn’t halo as we will be getting the 7th game in Halo series and we didn’t even get a 2nd game of Brute Force. It came and went like a bullet train, nobody remembers this game no matter how hard Microsoft tried to promote it....

Top 15 Video Games With Immense Potential That Ultimately Disappointed

We’ve seen games that were overhyped and failed to deliver, we’ve seen games that were technical nightmares, we’ve seen games that had no real story and we’ve seen games that just broke our hearts with how bad/boring the were. So here’s a Top 15 list of games that disappointed us for one reason or another. [interaction id=”5963780bf7ddd65e0bce104e”] Final Fantasy XV Even after a long development cycle and major improvements in gameplay and visuals, the overall final experience was ultimately disappointing. While individual battles and encounters were enjoyable, the game never delivered the sense of epic wonder and magic that Final Fantasy games usually do. Metal Gear Solid V The first hour of Metal Gear Solid V was pure Kojima madness, and I really...

The Order: 1886 is More Than Just Gears of War in the Victorian Era

The Order: 1886 was a standout PlayStation 4 exclusive revealed at last year’s E3. We haven’t seen much regarding the game since last summer, and at Sony’s E3 Media Briefing this year, they again teased gamers with a visually-stunning look at how Ready at Dawn Studios is seamlessly merging cutscenes with gameplay. News of The Order only running at 30fps and the use of quick time events had many skeptical if the PlayStation Portable developers would be able to live up to the recent standard set by other PlayStation exclusives like The Last of Us. In the new footage, The Order‘s gameplay looks like more than just Gears of War in the Victorian Era, and more like a solid gaming and cinematic experience that takes its time setting up thrilling sequences and features stunning character animation...

The Order: 1886 — “Sony’s First Naughty Dog Game”

So there is a rumor going around in the twittersphere about the way The Order: 1886 is being privately defined in a rather interesting way: The Order is being described privately jokingly as Sony’s first Naughty Dog game. Take that for whatever it means graphically.   Whatever comes from “insider” isn’t usually the way it seems and is always something else to it, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand. They’re probably referring to the cinematic approach that The Order 1886 has taken and that it resembles Naughty Dog’s game quite closely.   Source: dualshockers 

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