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Video Games With Massive Hype That Everyone Has Forgotten About

Video Games With Massive Hype That Everyone Has Forgotten About

These games caught our attention and our interest but in the end they ended being forgotten due to bad gameplay or shitty execution or short story. These are the games that got us taking about them but now these games are only whispered in a dark alley. These are the games that had massive hype but now are forgotten.

Brute Force

Brute force was released on original Xbox in 2003. The game was a squad based third person shooter that uses 4 members of a team which fight in numerous battles. It was introduced as a Halo Killer and though it killed something it wasn’t halo as we will be getting the 7th game in Halo series and we didn’t even get a 2nd game of Brute Force. It came and went like a bullet train, nobody remembers this game no matter how hard Microsoft tried to promote it.

Enter the Matrix

The developers might have thought we have a good action movie that everybody loves, lets make a game about it let’s make the protagonist a side character and wonky mechanics, bad camera angles and no relation to original story. If this was what the developers had discussed before making the game then they were on point. This game can be said as shitty Max Payne.

Mighty No. 9

This game was a train-wreck. This game started as a kick-starter and due to the hype it was able to collect money. As being a Megaman clone it had such great hype which died down like a bullet going through an apple. We got a glitchy and buggy game which had frame dropping everywhere and looked like a PlayStation 2 era game. This wasn’t the Megaman follow up we wanted or deserved.


Who doesn’t wanna be god, this game gave you that opportunity of creating your own universe. Well this was the idea of the game but it lacked execution and ended up having some mini games and never really evolved past that. It wanted to be too much and ended up being nothing interesting.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs lied straight up to our faces and tried getting away with it. Due to this not many people bought Watch Dogs 2 because the first one was shitty. The main protagonist was dull, bland and unlikable. Throughout the game I was trying to find reasons to root for the guy but I didn’t find any. The footage that they showed at E3 blew my mind but when I played the game I felt like I’m playing some other game.

Aliens Colonial Marines

The source material for this game was so perfect but the execution was very much lack luster and the game ended up with really bad graphics for being a AAA title. There we no badass action scenes, no cheezy one liners and the AI was so dumb that the game felt like a parody and it became a chore to finish the game.

No Mans Sky

Ohh, No Mans Sky, After being so long in development this game finally released, some dude payed 1000$ to play it early and how long he might have cried after playing the game, I can only imagine as i played for 2 hours and then just switched the game off and went to play something good. There is nothing specifically wrong with this game, it’s just a shit game.

The Order 1886

The Order 1886 was the launch title for PlayStation 4 , so it had to have a good story, good graphics as it was supposed to show off the capabilities of PlayStation 4, and really good gameplay. It ticked the first to check boxes, the story and graphics but fell way back in gameplay department as it had a really short campaign and no side missions or any anything else to do in the game except story. It had no replay value. It was just an eye candy for which you had to pay 60$, which you could have spent on another game.

Dead Island

Dead Island has one of the best trailer ever released. Now all the developers had to do was do justice to the trailer and deliver the promises that they had made through the trailer. But they didn’t and we ended up playing a dull and a generic zombie shooter which wasn’t even a good one. Everyone I know skipped this to play Left 4 Dead again.

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is one of my favorite games and I was so excited for this game to release and when it finally came out and I got my hands on it, I wished it hadn’t released. This game was trying to be a modern shooter and a classic shooter at the same time and it failed at both and we ended with an arrogant Duke and the game felt more offensive than funny or entertaining.

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