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Console Vs PC: An Objective Discussion In 2017

Console Vs PC: An Objective Discussion In 2017

If are confused as to what to buy for all your video game entertainment, this article will talk you through various points, including pros and cons for both platforms, and you can then make a choice.

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When it comes to performance, nothing can beat the power of a PC. The framerate in consoles for most games is locked at 30 FPS for now, but on the PC it depends on the hardware. Even with a mid range Graphic card like GTX 1050ti which is around 12k, you can get impressive performance at 1080p and play most of the games with high settings. It also depends on the optimization of the game but you can definitely get better FPS than consoles on an average, least 40-45 FPS. With the best graphic card i.e Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti you can get 60 FPS at 4k with ultra settings.


If you want to play the best exclusive titles, PS4 is the way to go. Uncharted, God of War are both excellent and there are also games like The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn and many more. There are many more great exclusives yet to come for the PS4 like Shadow of the Colossus Remaster, Spider Man, Death Stranding. 


Here’s the bitter truth. For online multiplayer, you need to pay monthly subscription for the online services on consoles while it is completely free on the PC.

4K Gaming

True, native 4K gaming on the PS4 PRO and XBOX ONE S is a myth. At best the resolution is upscaled to 4K, you play on True 4K only on PC as of now, and the probably the upcoming XBOX ONE X. Even then, graphic settings on consoles are locked and you can’t find out whether you’re running the game on the best graphics or not.

Game Prices

In consoles the games are expensive as compared to PC. You can get amazing deals and prices for games on Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle. Another advantaged on the PC is that if you are not sure about a particular game you can pirate it and try it out (though we do not condone piracy in any form. If a game does not have a demo, there’s a good chance you’ll have to rely on reviews to make up your mind about the game.

Hardware Prices

You can easily get a console for gaming for around INR 30,000-40,000. Even though it’s technically possible to make a gaming PC under that budget, you’ll need to make a few compromises. For laptops, the cost is way higher. But it’s a trade off, if you consider that over a longer period of time, the amount of money you spend on games for the console will be much more than what spend on PC games.


I have been both a console and a PC gamer, but I choose PC gaming every time because that’s my preference. From all these points you can decide what you want and what are you going to buy. If you are planning to buy a console I advise you to get PS4 because you can get better exclusives than XBOX One and let me make it clear to you, both consoles don’t play on 1080p, only PS4 does. On the XBOX One it varies from game to game.

It doesn’t matter which platform you choose, it’s the games that make you a gamer.

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