Author: Aditya Pahilwani

Playstation Games Deals Of The Week

Here’s the weekly roundup of some of the best deals available right now on the Playstation Store, both for Indian and US PSN. Deals on PSN India 1) Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Recruit Edition – Rs 832 Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players on a mission to find a new home for humanity, in the Andromeda galaxy. As the Pathfinder, you lead humanity’s fight for survival. This edition includ...

Console Vs PC: An Objective Discussion In 2017

If are confused as to what to buy for all your video game entertainment, this article will talk you through various points, including pros and cons for both platforms, and you can then make a choice. [interaction id=”597ae285ab8ce93f38ccb5ed”] Performance When it comes to performance, nothing can beat the power of a PC. The framerate in consoles for most games is locked at 30 FPS for n...

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