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Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro Vs PC: Who Wins?

Since the dawn of gaming, the consoles vs PC controversy has been a major issue and there seems to be no end to this controversy in sight. While on one hand, PC offers a greater maneuverability, consoles offer ease of use on the other. PCs had a higher hand since they offered 4k resolution until the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro came into the scene. So we decided to take on this controversy. To keep things fair, the PC build used in this comparison was worth $500, which is equivalent to the cost the flagship consoles. To kick things off, here is Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One X and PC. The Xbox One X has a clear lead. Although, this comparison is not the most suitable one for the game is a Microsoft exclusive and thus, cannot be played on PS4. Next, we have Shadow of War. While the game looks mor...

Console Vs PC: An Objective Discussion In 2017

If are confused as to what to buy for all your video game entertainment, this article will talk you through various points, including pros and cons for both platforms, and you can then make a choice. [interaction id=”597ae285ab8ce93f38ccb5ed”] Performance When it comes to performance, nothing can beat the power of a PC. The framerate in consoles for most games is locked at 30 FPS for now, but on the PC it depends on the hardware. Even with a mid range Graphic card like GTX 1050ti which is around 12k, you can get impressive performance at 1080p and play most of the games with high settings. It also depends on the optimization of the game but you can definitely get better FPS than consoles on an average, least 40-45 FPS. With the best graphic card i.e Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti yo...

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