The Order: 1886 — “Sony’s First Naughty Dog Game”

So there is a rumor going around in the twittersphere about the way The Order: 1886 is being privately defined in a rather interesting way: The Order is being described privately jokingly as Sony’s first Naughty Dog game. Take that for whatever it means graphically.   Whatever comes from “insider” isn’t usually the way it seems and is always something else to it, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand. They’re probably referring to the cinematic approach that The Order 1886 has taken and that it resembles Naughty Dog’s game quite closely.   Source: dualshockers 

PS3 to get HBO Go app, PS4 later

Now PlayStation fanatics won’t need to wait too much longer to stream HBO content right onto their consoles, as the HBO Go app will arrive on PS3 “soon,” according to Sony, which also mentioned that a PS4 version is to follow. The HBO Go app is a free download in the PS4 and PS3, but you will have to have an HBO subscription from your cable or satellite provider to access on-demand content like episodes of Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire. As for Microsoft, this app is currently available on the Xbox 360 and a version for the Xbox One is on its way and should be released sometime this year. Source: Eddie Makuch

New Infamous Second Son screens show neon powers

So far we know Delsin has a range of powers in PS4‘s inFamous; Second Son and these new screens show his neon abilities in action. The main benefit seems to be a speed boost as well as prettier projectiles – because if you are going to die it’s comforting to think you looked good. One of Delsin’s skills is apparently the ability to take other conduit’s powers, which should open up the options some what. We’ve seen the neon power coming from a female character called Abigail Walker, also known as Fetch. The process doesn’t exactly look painless and it’s unclear weather she survives – could this the game’s new moral twist? Check out the neon powers in the gallery below  

PS4 outsells Xbox One in UK by a decent margin

To some it may come to as a shock, but Sony’s PS4 outsold the Xbox One by almost 166,000 units in the UK during 2013. According to Chart-Track data obtained by the Entertainment Retailers Association, the PS4 sold 530,000 units throughout the region, while the Xbox One only managed to sell around 364,000 units. Another interesting stat is that the Next-gen consoles have earned a combined £326m at UK retail, with PS4 hardware generating £181.8m, and Xbox One earning £144.5m. Microsoft is believed to have sold more than 2 million units around the world, selling 111,111 units per day since making its debut on November 22. ERA director Kim Bayley said that it was unfortunate that next-gen consoles arrived so late in the year. “Games continues to deliver digital sales strongly, but ...

5 Reasons PC Gaming is number one

With all the fuss about the next generation consoles and the long term rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, gamer’s attention is often strayed away from the fact that there is a third party that always seems to bring it when it comes to gaming- the PC. Over the years, creations like  Playstation, N64, Xbox, PS3 etc have acquired a lot of attention and have hogged most of the limelight in the gaming sphere. But there is one gaming machine that withstood the test of time and remains unmatched due to its ability to adapt but is one platform that is easily overlooked. PC gaming vs console gaming is a highly debatable topic that goes long back and is quite a touchy subject, especially for those who swear by the PC. So we’re here to take a look at the reasons why PC gaming always mana...

Sony reveal PS4 owners have captured 6.5 million “Shares”

The PlayStation 4’s new “Share” button is not as useless as many imagined. Sony revealed yesterday that users have captured more than 6.5 million “Shares” since launch on November 15. “That’s pretty amazing,” said Sony (and so are we) The ‘Share’ button on the DualShock 4 has the sole purpose of allowing users to capture and share screenshots and recorded gameplay videos through Facebook and Twitter, or live streams via Ustream and Twitch. Rivals Microsoft too featured similar functionality in their console. The Xbox One does it through its Upload Studio, which allows gamers to capture, edit, and share screenshots and video clips. Microsoft still haven’t mentioned how many Xbox One owners have used this option yet…

The most unorthodox GTA V stunt move ever

This gamer has nailed it. That’s one unorthodox GTA V stunt move, but it works! XR33P3E11X has more of these in his excellent montage video. Now do a perfect drop from similar heights into a half pipe while riding a bike. That would look neat. Source: Gergo Vas

Sony sells a million PS4’s on day one

Sony managed to sell one million Playstation 4s on day one of their sale in North America. As expected, some users reported hardware issues, Sony’s spring off the blocks bodes well for the release of the PS4 in Europe and Latin America, which will take place on the 29th of November. Sony has high hopes that the PS4 will generate enough revenue to make up for its poor fortunes. Things didn’t look too good for the Japanese firm when it went back to a loss in the last quarter as sales of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, and its profits dipped due to a price decrease on the Playstation Vita. Sony has been giving its rival Microsoft stiff competition as they have managed to price the PS4 $100 cheaper than the $499.99 Xbox One. Sony hope to see this upward traje...

3D Blu-Rays not supported by PS4 at launch

As strange as this sounds, the PS4 is most like to not support playback of 3D Blu-rays, according to the online user guide (spotted by TheSixthAxis). Even though DVDs and Blu-rays are fully supported and CD support is to be put into the system, the “Playing video on disc” section of the User Guide says that 3D Blu-rays are not supported. Weirdly enough, the PS3 plays 3D Blu-rays without any issues, which makes this even more strange. Sony has left 3D by the wayside in the past two years, having attempted to push it hard in the middle years of PS3’s lifespan. This would appear to be another nail in its coffin. However, the word around is that Sony has made it clear that  3D Blu-ray movies “will not be compatible at launch, providing the following statement to Eurogam...

PS4 gets some exclusive features for Diablo 3

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed at BlizzCon this weekend that  Diablo III will now have some exclusive features on PlayStation 4 and will run in 1080p at 60fps. Senior level designer Matthew Berger explains these features in detail. Firstly, Diablo III on PS4 will be known now as the Ultimate Evil Edition. Plus it will include the Reaper of Souls expansion and DualShock 4 touchpad integration. The game will employ the touchpad ‘when it feels the need to’. Gamers can use the touchpad for inventory management and to access the Skills user interface. Also, users will be able to swipe left or swipe right on the pad to move up or down a category. What’s more, new social features not found on PC will be included on PS4 version. The most interesting aspect is the new Adventure ...

80 Million Xbox 360 Sold and Counting

Microsoft revealed yesterday that  Xbox 360 has “reached 80 million consoles sold to retailers worldwide” according to its internal data. “Sold to retailers” doesn’t necessarily mean all of these consoles have yet to trickle out to customers, though retailers wouldn’t buy consoles unless there was consumer demand. Microsoft also mentioned that although it was beaten by PlayStation 3 in monthly sales last month, it holds the title of the top-selling console in the US in 2013. 1.6 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold in the US this year. On the back of strong Grand Theft Auto V sales, Xbox 360 software amounted to $401.2 million in the US in September, Xbox 360’s strongest September since its launch eight years ago. Xbox 360 launched in the fall of 2005. At 80 million sold, it’s of...

Photos On How to Replace the PS4 Hard Drive

Sony had confirmed at E3 that the PlayStation 4 would give owners the option to remove and upgrade the built-in hard drive, and now they’ve shown us how. PC enthusiast websiteComputer Bild has put up detailed photos of the PS4’s removable housing and HDD tray. According to the post, it seems like the hard drive is placed underneath the glossy exterior panel on top of the device which can be removed via torx screwdriver. Like the PS3, the system uses a 2.5″ laptop hard drive, which should enable users to upgrade the system with a solid state drive, provided they’re willing to go through the trouble and incur the expense.     Source: IGN

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