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Sony reveal PS4 owners have captured 6.5 million “Shares”

Sony reveal PS4 owners have captured 6.5 million “Shares”

The PlayStation 4’s new “Share” button is not as useless as many imagined. Sony revealed yesterday that users have captured more than 6.5 million “Shares” since launch on November 15. “That’s pretty amazing,” said Sony (and so are we)

The ‘Share’ button on the DualShock 4 has the sole purpose of allowing users to capture and share screenshots and recorded gameplay videos through Facebook and Twitter, or live streams via Ustream and Twitch.

Rivals Microsoft too featured similar functionality in their console. The Xbox One does it through its Upload Studio, which allows gamers to capture, edit, and share screenshots and video clips. Microsoft still haven’t mentioned how many Xbox One owners have used this option yet…..maybe they don’t want to anymore

Sony has sold around 2.1 million PS4s  since its launch world-wide.


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