Mitashi GameIn ThunderBolt

Mitashi have for a while now been coming out with, fairly low priced, handheld gaming devices like- Smarty, Chotu and Touch Series. And only last year came out with an Android (2.3) version in the form of portable devices which are now available in a different hardware and Android 4.0.4 (ICS) system update. Their most recent device in this category is the Mitashi GameIn Thunderbolt, which is the successor of the Mitashi GameIn Thunder. The thing Mitashi brags a lot about this product is the fact that this deice gives you Android openness. But is that really enough to get a gamer to buy this device, let’s find out. Mitashi still isn’t a company that gives serious competition to companies like Sony and all. There is a very simple explanation to this: quality. This is a major turn off and isn...

Sony Claim DualShock 4 to be Compatible With PC at Launch

Sony have declared that the PlayStation 4 controllers will be compatible with “basic features” with PC at launch. On Twitter a couple of days ago, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida said that the DualShock 4 “analog sticks and buttons will work just fine.” But, he didn’t happen to mention whether any support will be necessary to facilitate the compatibility. The PlayStation 3 controllers require third-party support in order to function. Although unlikely, nothing was said about whether the DualShock 4’s new features –– including a light bar, touch pad, and motion controls –– will function on Windows PCs, while several PlayStation 4 titles have already announced support for these features. Source: IGN

Sony Reveal PS Vita TV

Sony have revealed a lot of stuff at its pre-TGS press conference, and other than the PS Vita redesign, the most surprising aspect had to be the unveiling of the piece of Vita-related hardware. This newest addition is called PS Vita TV, and what it does is let you play Vita games on your T.V…..and some other cool stuff as well. PS Vita TV is a really small piece of hardware, not much larger than a deck of cards. The dimensions are- 6c, by 10cm, and its easily the smallest PlayStation hardware ever. The main idea of the PS Vita TV is to let gamers play Vita games on a big screen using a DualShock 3 controller, but not only that. While this device has card slots for Vita games, and accepts Vita memory cards, it will also let you use video streaming services such as Hulu. It also allows...

Sony responsible for Elder Scrolls coming out on consoles

According to Sony, the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online was not originally made for consoles. VP of publisher and developer relations at SCEA, Adam Boyes told Game Informer  that the a console version of the online game was only brought into the picture after Sony and Bethesda met on various occasions to discuss the idea. “That game was never planned to come to consoles,” Boyes said. “And we just kind of kept sitting with [Bethesda] and being like, ‘Why not?'” “They’re like, ‘We’re not planning it,'” he added. “And I’m like, ‘Well, what if we built a plan that we could do that?'” Sony was the one that kindled this interest that led to Bethesda to consider brin...

GTA Official Trailer to come out tomorrow

With less than around 3 weeks from a worldwide release, GTA V is probably getting much more publicity than it expected. The games official trailer is scheduled to be released tomorrow. The game has had a couple of trailers out already, but this one is the main thing before the game itself. This game is a global hit and gather a lot of attention on its own. But in the recent past, there have been some ‘mess ups’ that have led to the game being more publicized than intended. Hackers somehow used pre-loaded files from the PS3 version of the game to reveal story details. Sony were extremely apologetic for this foul up. Another incident that took place recently involved Sony Uk’s Twitter account which suggested that the game would also be coming to next-generation systems. The...

God of War director returns to Sony

Cory Barlog, former God of War director has returned to developer Sony Santa Monica after 6 long years. He left the studio in 2007 after serving as director of God of War 2 and an initial designer of God of War 3. Barlog has mentioned on the official PlayStation Blog, why he has returned and hints at his next “freaking huge” project. “What am I working on, you ask? Good question. Sadly, I cannot tell you…yet,” Barlog wrote in a PlayStation Blog entry. “But I can say that it is freaking huge, and it will live up to the standards that I helped establish here at SMS. We’re putting together a team as I type this, an Ocean’s 11 kind of thing. We are searching the world high and low for the best of the BEST to come and be on the ground floor of thi...

Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer now in Beta

Killzone: Mercenary will be launched on the PlayStation Vita on September 10, and today marks the opening of the title’s multiplayer beta. Though the test phase is currently closed, but interested gamers can get their  hands will be able to get in without a special code at the end of August. The team at Guerrilla Cambridge has put together a new developer diary to detail what players can expect. The Valor Card system rewards kills, with more money offered up for taking out someone more experienced than yourself. Single-player and multiplayer progress is steady across modes, so even without a WiFi connection, you can advance your mercenary. Check out the Gameplay here  

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