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5 Reasons PC Gaming is number one

5 Reasons PC Gaming is number one

With all the fuss about the next generation consoles and the long term rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, gamer’s attention is often strayed away from the fact that there is a third party that always seems to bring it when it comes to gaming- the PC. Over the years, creations like  Playstation, N64, Xbox, PS3 etc have acquired a lot of attention and have hogged most of the limelight in the gaming sphere. But there is one gaming machine that withstood the test of time and remains unmatched due to its ability to adapt but is one platform that is easily overlooked.

PC gaming vs console gaming is a highly debatable topic that goes long back and is quite a touchy subject, especially for those who swear by the PC. So we’re here to take a look at the reasons why PC gaming always manages to find that top spot, not only in the industry but also in gamers hearts.

5. Hardcore Fans

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A PC gamer comes across as a much more cultured and dedicated gamer to say the least. They respect the tech and over look the glamour that a console brings. Their passion lies in adapting to their machine or even picking up new tech to constantly upgrade it. PC gamers are known to spend a lot more in customizing and upgrading their devices in order to make it perform better.

Console fans in contrast show little of this passion, or actually are not allowed to display such enthusiasm as PC gamers. Once the console is plugged under the TV, it pretty much remains there, unlike PC audience are constantly working with their machines to ensure good performance and long life. The PC wins over consoles in this regard simply because their really take care of their hardware and seem to be one with it.

4. Better Graphics

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When it all comes down to it, he PC is simply a more powerful piece of hardware. It has many functions that allow you to do more. And if even a console matches a PC, the PC always has the option to adapt to newer hardware. You’d have to be on a computer to truly enjoy an amazing gaming experience. You have more frames per second and simply better texture in a PC. For example, the new Call of Duty, it looks epic on the PC, trust us, we’ve tried it

All these big producers run their demos on PC hardware for a reason, it has a good standing in the market and it ultimately wins over console hardware.

3. The Oculus Rift 


Heck with the next gen consoles, the next jump in the gaming industry will be on the PC with the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that will open up a whole new way of experiencing computer games, offering immersive game play like nothing has ever offered before. And if you look over at the consoles, you’ll see that those things are still offering gameplay that you could have enjoyed on a PC ages ago.

Stepping into the games, like literally, and being a part of the world is definitely the next big thing in gaming. And if history is any indication (online gaming, graphical breakthroughs, social-interaction), you can be quite sure that any big innovations that are yet to come, will first be out on PC.

2. It’s Cost Efficient

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It is often said that PC gaming is expensive, that is quite untrue. I mean obviously building your PC will take up some serious money and quite possibly could end up costing you more than a PS4. But we’ve got to look at the long term costs as well. Cause when your hardware is put together, you can pick the games up so much more cheaper than the console market, and lets be honest, we all know full well the price difference between console games and PC games.

To add to that, you have unlimited download options thanks to your PC’s functionality. The PC in contrast opens up a whole world of downloads, the scope is unlimited and the prices are usually cheap.

Unless of course you choose to ‘crack’ your console and you end up going to Palika Bazaar, where you are led to a shady shop in a corner and you find a skinny chap in tight jeans behind a desk asking you- kya problem hai bhai, chal nahi raha?
The only dileamma you’ll be facing is whether or not it was a good idea to leave you precious console with that chap.

1. Gameplay

DSC_7921 - Copy

Gameplay is undoubtedly one of the more crucial factors when it comes to gaming. It matters much more than just graphics. Gameplay is what helps a player get fully engrossed into a game. Good gameplay will demand nothing but the full and undivided attention of a gamer. In either case, PC does both better. Just look at the range of games that defined the PC: War-strategy deployments, management-sims, virtual-people, shoot ‘em ups, point-and-clicks, keyboard-instruction-based-games, racing-games, RPG, MMORPGs, puzzle games… we can just go on.

PC gaming has always offered a much larger variety of games and more technical gameplay than console gaming.


Well that was our take on the whole PC gaming thing. There are various other aspects like social gaming, the keyboard and mouse and just the fact that this platform never gets old. The PC defeats the consoles in so many different levels continues to show why it is just number one.

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