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The Big Three Giants In The Video Game Industry Keep Making Mistakes

The Big Three Giants In The Video Game Industry Keep Making Mistakes

The video industry is driven by three big giants; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Well, at least Sony and Microsoft undoubtedly, while Nintendo is like that cool kid who doesn’t need any comrades.

If you ponder back at the revelation of Xbox One with a Kinect that nobody desired, it was a direct effect of the commercial success of Xbox 360. But on the contrary, I presume that 360 was rather more successful than One with its array of first party games and introduction to motion gaming. Motion gaming was something which was quite impressive at the time but soon lost its charm, yet Microsoft could not let go of the Kinect. In addition to that, there are just are just a handful of games for One’s Kinect.

Then you’ve got Sony, who thought it would be a great idea to price the PS3 at “599 US Dollars” and tell people to get a second job to afford it after the PS2’s mainstream success. Yet, I must mention that they did work out a lot of their shortcomings with PS4 and it can be witnessed by their sales.

At last, there comes Nintendo, who had been living off brand value until Switch. Nintendo was boastful enough to assume that people would purchase Wii U from the brand name. Wii U’s launch with an eternity of Day-One updates, a clunky OS, a clunky tablet controller, minuscule first party support, a high price tag, and horrendous marketing.

It is no doubt that all of the giants did learn from their mistakes and worked out their flaws with their consecutive flagship products, namely PS4, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch, yet I believe they’ve got a long way to go.

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