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Call Of Duty Is A Mess For The First Time Ever

Call Of Duty Is A Mess For The First Time Ever

Call of Duty World War II was 2017’s most anticipated game as the series visits its roots amidst the socio-political war. However, that wasn’t the plan since the beginning.

“Sledgehammer wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2,” Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg stated. A sequel to 2014’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare seemed obvious, as it was regarded positively by fans and critics alike.

And Sledgehammer was, in fact, working hard on Advanced Warfare 2, until Infinity War came in the picture. Infinity War was not at all well-received by the fans. They accused the game of recycling old mechanics and maps and presenting the same game to fans each year. Infinity War’s reveal trailer is the most disliked video on Youtube.

Many fans called for the franchise to return to its real historical roots; the first six instalments of the multi-billion dollar franchise were all set during World War II. And Hirshberg was confident that Sledgehammer would be the studio to go there. “We knew they would become historians, that they would tackle it with authenticity, give it tremendous care and we also knew they would capture the unspeakable scale of World War II.”

Yet, Call of Duty World War II yet could not live up to the hype. For those who don’t know the launch of Call of Duty: World War II has been an unprecedented mess. Never before has a modern COD launched with as many bugs and issues as WW2 did. Players can’t connect to games, challenges don’t work, the touted social space Headquarters is empty to take the load off of the servers, ranks are being reset, hit detection is completely broken, weapon sights are broken, attachments don’t do what they say they do, and a dozen other issues.

Personally, I haven’t encountered any of these issues yet and I’ve been playing the game since it’s early days. These issues could also be launch issues which were later fixed by consecutive updates, but the game’s, and series’ as a whole, reputation was affected and it didn’t help their day by day worsening reputation.

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