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Jade Raymond is most popular for aiding both the Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs establishments as a maker, and has likewise chipped away at series like Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid, The Sims, and Star Wars Battlefront throughout the long term. She’s an industry veteran and one of the most conspicuous makers in the business, and presently she’s chipping away at a pristine game for PlayStation with Haven Entertainment Studios, a Canada-based studio she established recently. What this game will be, stays not yet clear. All we know is it will be a PS5 selective, or possibly a PS5 console elite. 

Lining up with Sony 

While Raymond  noted she and her group are extremely eager to be working with PlayStation. In an interview with, Raymond talked at a significant level with regards to Haven’s aspirations for its first game, which is another IP, and she likewise discussed why lining up with Sony was the right call. 

Raymond isn’t prepared to share points of interest about Haven’s first game, yet she prodded that it will have a huge social component. “The pandemic has demonstrated that interactivity is the social paste that ties networks. Particularly for the more youthful age, this is your main event and how you make companions and hang out. That is something that we truly need to construct and plan for,” she said. 

A “Terabyte” game

Jade Raymond has prodded the main game from her new studio, Haven, which has adjusted itself only with PlayStation. The game surely has some space objectives, including conceivably being a “terabyte” game, which means it could require broad gushing to enhance the local records. 

A PS5 Exclusive

Haven’s first game is another IP, and Raymond said the objective is to make a world that can “keep going for ages and become significant for individuals on a more profound level.” “Yet, how would we make an IP that has that profundity, however it is intended to be claimed by the fans from the beginning? At the point when we made Assassin’s Creed, we were truly contemplating making an IP that can be claimed by imaginative groups later on,” she said. “We thought on the off chance that we make a structure of anything that happens in a crossroads in history and has the Assassins behind it, [that] will be predictable with the brand so groups can advance that and own it.”


As far as marking with PlayStation for Haven’s first game, Raymond said Sony stood apart as an organisation that “truly comprehends the inventive flow.” She likewise referenced how Sony is known to give its game studios independence, which was a “major attractor.” 

Subsequent to creating the first Assassin’s Creed games at Ubisoft, Raymond moved to EA where she chipped away at another Star Wars game that won’t ever come out. She joined Google to begin another inside Stadia advancement group in 2019, and she left Google when the organisation chose to close its game improvement studios.

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