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Should Video Games Allow Players To Skip Boss Fights?

Should Video Games Allow Players To Skip Boss Fights?

Ubisoft made a fascinating announcement this week. They revealed that the latest Assassin’s Creed [official site] is to add a “Discovery Tour” mode, removing all the combat and challenges from the game, to let players just freely experience their in-depth recreation of Ancient Egypt. It’s fascinating, to me, because it’s a big deal. And goodness me, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Because games should be delighted to include modes that remove all their difficulty and challenge, and players should cheer when they hear about it.

So let’s have a noob to noob talk while we’re on the subject (yep, I’m am but a noob when it comes to video games and I’m not quite ashamed of it. I’ll let you know I have a life). Do you remember purchasing a game in high spirits and then abandoning it after just about an hour of playing it because you couldn’t beat a boss? You’d definitely remember if you purchased a copy of ‘Dark Souls 3’!

Such games always occurred to me as a ‘waste of money’ and they just added on top of my list of regrets, which is already quite long already and definitely includes purchasing all of the ‘Dark Souls’ games. When I purchase a game, I do it because I wish to escape the cruel realities of this simulation which we call ‘real life’. I do not wish to be offered more and more hardships to face. I am the kind of person that does not like to be challenged at all.

I’ve been recently playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and there is this sequence with the undead and all where I’ve dying and dying and dying. I have exhausted my ammo and have to face them with just bows and arrows. Of course, at such a point I can abandon my save file and continue from the last save and gather some more ammo. But the previous sequence too was just a pain in the ass for me and I’m unwilling to abandon my save file. Each and every month, I load up the game again, determined to beat the life out that undead (Well, technically they have no life and that’s why they’re undead) only to be disappointed by myself again.

(I can already feel your urge to call me a noob.)

In such a situation, if I had a ‘skip button’, I could just skip this frustrating sequence and enjoy the rest of the game. I’d be able to appreciate the beauty of the game, rather than condemning the hardships as I am condemning now.  That game is just sitting buried deep among the others, never to be played again by me.

On the contrary, we have pro gamers who are seriously against the idea of a ‘skip button’. Oddly enough, they don’t cheer. In fact, they can get awfully angry about it. They want the game to be played as it was ‘designed to be played’ by the developers. And, to make things even worse, they happen to condemn those who have a life and don’t sit on their asses whole day long just to beat the Nameless Prince from Dark Souls 3.

In such a situation, I’d recommend the developers to include a skip button, as a toggled setting rather than a default feature. Like you can turn it on and off just like subtitles. And yes, we mustn’t be allowed to skip straight away, rather when we have failed miserably at some point for more than a couple of times, just like in GTA V.

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