skip boss fights

Should Video Games Allow Players To Skip Boss Fights?

Ubisoft made a fascinating announcement this week. They revealed that the latest Assassin’s Creed [official site] is to add a “Discovery Tour” mode, removing all the combat and challenges from the game, to let players just freely experience their in-depth recreation of Ancient Egypt. It’s fascinating, to me, because it’s a big deal. And goodness me, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Because games should be delighted to include modes that remove all their difficulty and challenge, and players should cheer when they hear about it. So let’s have a noob to noob talk while we’re on the subject (yep, I’m am but a noob when it comes to video games and I’m not quite ashamed of it. I’ll let you know I have a life). Do you remember purchasing a game in high spirits and then abandon...

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