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Top 5 Worst Female Character Designs In Video Games

Top 5 Worst Female Character Designs In Video Games

Bad character design is nothing new in Video Games. Be it scantily clad women in clothing that makes no sense, or voluptuous body figures that are beyond unrealistic, we’ve picked out the top 5 female character designs in video games:

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Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark Zero)

The Original look depicted Joanna as a strong and a serious character and most importantly looked like a secret agent but in Perfect Dark Zero Joanna dark has bright orange hair and comes off as a goofy character. And don’t forget how much attention she’ll be getting due to her hair. This iteration of Joanna Dark looked less like a secret agent and more like a cosplayer.

Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain)

Quiet is one of the more controversial picks on the list. While she looks good, her overall design is just downright sleazy, and Kojima’s reasoning for her outfit is even worse. Though, I must say, having her with me on missions was a ton of fun.

Shadee (Prince of Persia Warrior Within)

In Prince of Persia Warrior WIthin the first boss we face is Shadee. As a strong villian she sure had lot of gaps in her armor. Shadee was as daunting as she was supposed to be but came off as a bit of eye candy, don’t get me wrong she had charisma but clothing were less than appropriate for a villian.

Cindy (Final Fantasy XV)

This is just a sidekick character in Final Fantasy XV but she does look less like a mechanic and more like a model who is cosplaying as a mechanic. Mechanics don’t wear mini skirts (they can), but it won’t be serving the purpose right.

Every Female Character (Dead or Alive)

I feel like if you are going to a fighting tournament then you would dress accordingly, you won’t go fighting in your beach outfit. This happens in Dead or Alive where characters wear not fighting attire, the game seems more of a guilty pleasure than a good game. The game mechanics are not that bad just the character design doesn’t seem fit for a fighting game.

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  1. lol Hilarious list. Protip bud. Sex sells. Your list is pathetic on that principle alone. You think these companies care about disconnected moral values? These characters helped sell games. Whether you can come to terms to accepting that or not, is up to you.

    • Dayyum son!

  2. “Mechanics don’t wear mini skirts”

    Well then, thank god Cindy doesn’t wear a mini skirt either. Instead, she wears some nice shorts that are being eaten by her ass, which is so much better!


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