Perfect zero dark

Top 5 Worst Female Character Designs In Video Games

Bad character design is nothing new in Video Games. Be it scantily clad women in clothing that makes no sense, or voluptuous body figures that are beyond unrealistic, we’ve picked out the top 5 female character designs in video games: [interaction id=”5965c87bd6d87f2d0f19f570″] Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark Zero) The Original look depicted Joanna as a strong and a serious character and most importantly looked like a secret agent but in Perfect Dark Zero Joanna dark has bright orange hair and comes off as a goofy character. And don’t forget how much attention she’ll be getting due to her hair. This iteration of Joanna Dark looked less like a secret agent and more like a cosplayer. Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain) Quiet is one of the more controversial picks ...

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