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The Playstation 4 Hack Confirmed, Console Shown Running Pokemon

The Playstation 4 Hack Confirmed, Console Shown Running Pokemon

Fail0verflow, the hacking group responsible for hacking Wii, Wii U and the Playstation have now revealed what appears to be a hack for the Playstation 4.

You can watch the video below which shows the console running off a Linux UI, and then shows it running a modded version of Pokemon Emerald.

Fail0verflow has made the PS4 Linux port publicly available on its website.

The PlayStation 4 had been hack-free for two years since it’s release, though hints of low-level hacks had been revealed before.

The group has hailed the PlayStation 4’s architecture, claiming: “The Marvell engineers who designed the southbridge were smoking some really good stuff.”

Could this be the start of next-gen console piracy? Only time will tell.

This is what Fail0verflow had to say as far as piracy on the PS4 was concerned, “We’re working on Linux kernel patches, and are looking to get them upstreamed. We’re not releasing exploits – we’re certain other people will. Don’t ask us. And if you want free games, go away.”

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