The Playstation 4 Hack Confirmed, Console Shown Running Pokemon

Fail0verflow, the hacking group responsible for hacking Wii, Wii U and the Playstation have now revealed what appears to be a hack for the Playstation 4. You can watch the video below which shows the console running off a Linux UI, and then shows it running a modded version of Pokemon Emerald. Fail0verflow has made the PS4 Linux port publicly available on its website. The PlayStation 4 had been hack-free for two years since it’s release, though hints of low-level hacks had been revealed before. The group has hailed the PlayStation 4’s architecture, claiming: “The Marvell engineers who designed the southbridge were smoking some really good stuff.” Could this be the start of next-gen console piracy? Only time will tell. This is what Fail0verflow had to say as far as p...

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