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The Most Badass Weapons In Video Games

The Most Badass Weapons In Video Games

Video Games have let us live out our most wildest fantasies, and that’s only been possible through some of the most brutal weapons ever imagined. Well, here are some of the most badass weapons in Video Games. Tread carefully, some of them can explode!

LightSaber Any Star Wars Game


No sword collection is complete without the Jedi Knight’s tool for battle, the lightsaber. Powered by rare crystals, the laser sword uses a beam of energy to slice through…anything, pretty much.

Crowbar | Half Life


Though Half-Life 2 came along and completely blew this weapon out of the water in terms of awesomeness – you’ll see later – Gordon Freeman’s trusty crowbar was the signature weapon of the original game, a crudely effective, brutal weapon with which you could smash headcrabs to bits.

Lancer | Gears Of War


Apart from sheer firepower, the Lancer has a bayonet chainsaw which is easily the most domineering chainsaw in the history of video games, allowing you to tear through enemy after enemy with a commanding level of brutality, lifting them aloft, drilling through them and then tossing them aside like the detritus that they are.

Energy Sword | Halo Series


The Energy Sword that was introduced in Halo 2 is easily one of the best melee weapons in the history of gaming, transforming Halo from an excellent military-style sci-fi shooter into one that also had some more intimate brutality under its belt, as you were able to cut through foe after foe with this beastly bit of kit.

Blades Of Chaos | God Of War


The protagonist, Kratos, is a mega badass, and this is largely as a result of not only his gruff, deep voice, but also his excellent primary weapons, the so-called Blades of Chaos, given to him by the God of War himself, Ares. These weapons are permanently bound to his body, with the chains being burned into Kratos’ skin.

BFG 9000 | Doom


Easily one of the most iconic and unrelentingly badass weapons of all time, the BFG 9000 – the BFG stands for “Big F***ing Gun”. The BFG would allow you to fire out an all-encompassing giant green blob that would reduce everything on-screen that wasn’t your hand into a gory mess.

Gravity Gun | Half Life 2


The introduction of this weapon early on in the game meant that players were able to grab objects such as disc-blades and use them as weapons to fire at enemies, and also pick up various items to shield themselves from bullets when the chips were down. Also, items such as explosive barrels suddenly became more useful, as you could hurl them about at will rather than have to strategically use them to blow up whoever was standing near them.

Redeemer | Unreal Tournament


This weapon is a portable missile launcher that’s essentially a cross between a garden variety rocket launcher and a nuclear bomb. Firing it at an enemy will cause them instant death. Stay clear of the blast area. Way clear.

Hidden Blade | Assassin’s Creed


The blades given to every assassin in the series are probably the coolest weapon in the game in my opinion. They are sleek, quick, and oh so deadly. Sneaking up on enemies to slit their throats never gets old.

Well, so those were some of the most brutal, gruesome, and ultimately badass weapons we’ve ever seen in the Video Games we’ve played. We’re sure there are tons more, so be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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