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Sony @ E3 2016: Two Sides To Every Coin

Sony @ E3 2016: Two Sides To Every Coin

Sony’s showcase at E3 2016 was a huge success, and nothing short of a spectacle. And how could it be? With a live orchestra, gorgeous games and huge titles, it was everything we expected it to be, and more.

But there’s one small thing that seems to have slipped most people’s attention. Apart from Horizon: Zero Dawn, most the games that Sony announced are still “in development for PS4”. The footage from God of War is supposed to be an early first glimpse and no comments have yet been made regarding the release date for God of War. Similarly, Death Stranding, the new game from our beloved Hideo Kojima, is TBA regarding release. The same goes for Days Gone.


Look at all these games we won’t play for years.

Sony simply went ahead and gave us brief glimpses of it’s projects lined up for years down the line. Microsoft could’ve had the same number of games to show if they had taken the same route. Instead they chose to show what games are coming this year, and some important hardware announcements.

The cause for concern is the fact that The Last Guardian, supposed to be released later this year, made its E3 debut in 2009, with a planned release for 2011. People have been waiting in anticipation for seven years to be actually able to get their hands on this marvel of a game. It might be worth the wait, but we can’t help but question, will the amazing games showcased this year suffer the same fate? We sincerely hope they don’t.


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The biggest uproar that the Sony press conference witnessed was when they previewed the PS VR, and it does seem to be big deal. Set for release in October 2016, it will play over 50 titles. Don’t get us wrong, we are very excited about that. But here’s the catch. It’ll cost about $400 at the least, and not everyone can be sure they will have that kind of money to buy it right when it launches. So, what do these people do till the time these awesome games are released?

The conference might have brought a shine in a lot of fans’ eyes, but we can’t help but wonder whether Sony might have been deceptively cunning with their strategy.

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  1. Yep they’ve been doing this. The games they showed off years ago are finally just arriving this year and all of those won’t arrive until Feb 2017. Deceptive marketing. But it is also deceptive to tell people you need an Xbox one to play certain exclusives only to put them all on pc a couple years later. If they were upfront with this then it wouldn’t of been a problem. Both sony and microsoft continue to mislead consumers.


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