6 Most Anticipated Games Of 2022

The previous year was prepared to convey various profoundly expected games. Then, at that point, Coronavirus related deferrals drove various of them into 2022. The outcome was not terrible, but not a great year either for gaming in 2021 and monstrous promotion for the year ahead beginning as soon as January, generally a torpid month on the game-release schedule. However a few titles expected to drop in 2022 still don’t have firm release dates, we’ve incorporated the games we’re eager to see and play in the coming year. 2021 in computer games, generally, filled in as a promotion machine for the following year. While different developers and deliberately stayed quiet about the delivery window until the last quarter to assemble expectation. By and by, these consolidated vari...

Sony @ E3 2016: Two Sides To Every Coin

Sony’s showcase at E3 2016 was a huge success, and nothing short of a spectacle. And how could it be? With a live orchestra, gorgeous games and huge titles, it was everything we expected it to be, and more. But there’s one small thing that seems to have slipped most people’s attention. Apart from Horizon: Zero Dawn, most the games that Sony announced are still “in development for PS4”. The footage from God of War is supposed to be an early first glimpse and no comments have yet been made regarding the release date for God of War. Similarly, Death Stranding, the new game from our beloved Hideo Kojima, is TBA regarding release. The same goes for Days Gone. Sony simply went ahead and gave us brief glimpses of it’s projects lined up for years down the line. Microsoft could’ve had t...

Guerrilla Games Releases Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Breakdown

Guerrilla Games has released a blow-by-blow breakdown of the Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2015 trailer for fans of the newly announced IP to get a bit more inside information. Head on up above to watch Mark Norris, Senior Producer from GG, breakdown the fantastic Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2015 trailer. Stay tuned at GamingCentral for more gaming news!  

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