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Microsoft @ E3 2016: Honesty Not Always The Best Policy?

Microsoft @ E3 2016: Honesty Not Always The Best Policy?

Most of us can agree that Sony emerged a clear victor at the E3 2016 conference, thanks to their spectacular showcase and amazing titles. Microsoft also had quite a few tricks up their sleeves, but they fell short. BUT. And it’s a big ‘BUT’ (no pun intended).

Announcing Project Scorpio along with Xbox One S may not seem like a great idea, BUT they laid all their cards on the table. For someone who does not yet own a console and wants to get into gaming right now, the Xbox One S is not that bad a bet. It provides you the power of Xbox One in a 40% smaller form factor, and it also comes with inbuilt power supply. While the Project Scorpio may turn out to be the most powerful console yet, One S bridges the gap between the past and the future. With 4K support for Blu-ray video, and HDR gaming, it’s a good way to keep their community engaged till the next big thing comes along.  And we all know the next thing is a beast.


Microsoft might have not fared as well as Sony in terms of titles, BUT at least their games come with definite release dates. All the games in the Sony showcase are “in development for PS4”, apart from Horizon: Zero Dawn (thank the goddess!). And agreed, while it may not seem as exciting as the PS VR, the Xbox Play Anywhere capability provides you flexibility like nothing else. Have a game on your Xbox One? Carry all your saves and achievements along with you and play anywhere on your Windows laptop!

The Microsoft conference may not have been as appealing as its competitors’, BUT they did one thing that other publishers did not. They gave the stage to independent developers to showcase their amazing talent, which honestly, was awe-inspiring. Titles like Recore and We Happy Few we nothing short of a spectacle, which highlights the importance of bringing such studios to light. Kudos to Microsoft for that!


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In the end, we may still lean towards Sony for putting on a beautiful show, BUT it will be sad (not to mention unfair) if we did not appreciate Microsoft for their honest approach towards the showcase. They could have lured the people into buying the Xbox One S by delaying the announcement for Project Scorpio, BUT they did not. Instead, they laid all their cards on the table, so the community can make an informed decision. If that doesn’t deserve a Good Guy Greg meme, we don’t know what does.


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  1. it is also to prevent gamers from jumping onto the Neo


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