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Microsoft @ E3 2016: Honesty Not Always The Best Policy?

Most of us can agree that Sony emerged a clear victor at the E3 2016 conference, thanks to their spectacular showcase and amazing titles. Microsoft also had quite a few tricks up their sleeves, but they fell short. BUT. And it’s a big ‘BUT’ (no pun intended). Announcing Project Scorpio along with Xbox One S may not seem like a great idea, BUT they laid all their cards on the table. For someone who does not yet own a console and wants to get into gaming right now, the Xbox One S is not that bad a bet. It provides you the power of Xbox One in a 40% smaller form factor, and it also comes with inbuilt power supply. While the Project Scorpio may turn out to be the most powerful console yet, One S bridges the gap between the past and the future. With 4K support for Blu-ray video, and HDR gaming,...

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