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Microsoft @ E3: Xbox One S, Project Scorpio And Much More

Microsoft @ E3: Xbox One S, Project Scorpio And Much More

Microsoft kicked off its E3 press conference this year with the sleeker, slimmer version of the Xbox One – the Xbox One S. Priced at $299 for the 500GB model, the new addition provides the punch given by its predecessor in a smaller form factor with built-in power supply, thereby removing the need for the cumbersome power brick you need for the Xbox One.

Check out the Xbox one S in the video below:


There was also a lot to offer in terms of video game titles, with independent developers getting special attention. Some of the major titles announced are as follows:

Gears of War 4:

Microsoft announced the newest addition to the Gears of War franchise, showcasing actual co-op gameplay footage from Gears of War 4, which you can check out on the official Xbox YouTube channel:


Forza Horizon 3:

Another upcoming title that created a lot of excitement was Forza Horizon 3. Prettier than ever, it takes you to the gorgeous landscapes of Australia, where you can test your speed limits on the highways, or go off-road and race through the wilderness. What’s more, now you can compete with your friends in this amazing open world adventure on Xbox as well as Windows 10.


Sea of Thieves:

Loot, drink and live like a pirate! Microsoft also announced Sea of Thieves from Rare, a British video game developer. You can form your own crew, take your ship out to rule the seas, and have epic sea battles with other pirate crews!



The most impressive title (in my opinion, of course) announced at the Microsoft E3 conference was perhaps Scalebound. You can ride dragons, and fight titan-sized bosses. (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!) It’s best if you just watch the epic boss fight:



Ever felt like fighting alongside adorable yet kickass robotic creatures? Then Recore is the game for you. With each robot having its special attributes, the game is surely sweet on the eyes, and the ears as well.


We Happy  Few:

An independent game from Compulsion Games, called We Happy Few, looks like a psychological thriller like something we’ve never seen before. Set in a dystopian, “joy” fueled world, it certainly seems to stand out from the crowd.


Tekken 7:

Your favourite childhood fighting game is back – Tekken 7 announced for Xbox and Windows 10.


Most of the titles showcased in the conference will have the Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning that once you buy a game on Xbox One, all your achievements and progress travel along with you on your Windows 10 PC, giving you the freedom to play anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft also announced their latest to-be addition to the Xbox One family – Project Scorpio. With about 6 teraflops of GPU power, it definitely seems to be a beast of a console, capable of delivering true 4k gaming experience. However, the console is set to launch in winter 2017.

Does announcing Project Scorpio along with the Xbox One S seem a wise decision on Microsoft’s part, considering the former is still at least a year away from its scheduled release? Share your views with us!

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