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New PS4 Update Disables MTX Mod Chips That Allow Users To Pirate Games

New PS4 Update Disables MTX Mod Chips That Allow Users To Pirate Games

Sony very recently released another system update for the PlayStation 4. The update version is 4.73, and in addition to fix some stability issues, it also disables the MTX mod chips that allow illegal sharing of game files on the console.

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Piracy on the PS4 is fairly uncommon, limited mainly to mod shops in the Brazilian area that have a game sharing setup. However, the MTX mod chip, a six-wire chip previously compatible with the update version 4.72 was made by hackers in order to transfer their downloaded game files to a hard drive. It did not work with the PSN Store, but still provided an easy workaround for people not willing to buy the games.

We’re yet to find out if the hackers will try to undo the update’s attempts to block the chip by coming up with a new version. Stay tuned for more updates.

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