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How Much Do You Need To Build A PC That Can Compare To The Xbox One X?

How Much Do You Need To Build A PC That Can Compare To The Xbox One X?

With the Xbox One X launch right around the corner, it’s kinda hard not to be excited. It’s also hard not to wonder about whether the console is more powerful than your current gaming rig. So, here’s a small build that we came up with, something that may be able to compare with the upcoming console’s performance.

Keeping in mind that the target performance is aimed at 4K @ 30 FPS, and assuming that the Xbox One X will cost close to INR 50,000 in India at launch, this is what we came up with. Note that the build makes a lot of sacrifices, and is mainly made with aim to get the job done, nothing too fancy.




CPU AMD Ryzen 3 1300X With Wraith Cooler 10,383
GPU ASUS RX 580 8GB Dual OC Edition 24,500
Storage WD Blue 1TB HDD 3,400
Power Supply Cooler Master SMPS MasterWatt Lite 500W 3,680
Motherboard ASUS Motherboard Prime B350-M K 6,315
RAM Corsair Value Select 8GB 2133 MHz 4,200
Cabinet Antec Mid-tower GX200 3,140



The RX 580 is able to reach 30 FPS in a majority of titles at 4K, though some drops should be expected. You may also need to adjust your in-game settings accordingly. Not to mention the fact that the RX580 is incredibly hard to come across right now, thanks to mining. Secondly, there’s no cost consideration for a Windows license. And still we end up about 5K over our assumed budget.

The good thing about it, though, is that you get an all around device that caters to both your gaming and work needs. However, it may not look the best (Like we said, it’s aimed at getting the job done). The Xbox One X on the other hand, comes with the advantages of a closed ecosystem, including better optimization for games. We have also neglected the cost for peripherals, though you can get a keyboard and mouse for pretty cheap.

It’s kinda hard to match the performance of the Xbox One X exactly, unless you’re willing to shell out more money, or if you can get the components at a good deal. However, the Xbox One X can’t be considered as an absolute winner either. Unless all third-party titles run at 4K on the Xbox, the above PC build will prove to be much better, crushing the console’s performance at 1080p and even at 1440p.

Note: Prices are as of August 4th 2017. Taken from

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