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PS 4

PS4 half a million ahead of Xbox One

PS4 half a million ahead of Xbox One

PlayStation 4 is estimated to have sold around 1.25 million units in the US during November – around half a million more units than the Xbox One, according to predictions made by Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

“We expect hardware sales of 1.25 million PS4 units and 750,000 Xbox One units in their debut month,” reads Wedbush’s November 2013 NPD Preview report.

PS4 launched in the US on November 15 and achieved global sales of 2.1m by December 1, with 700,000 said to have been sold outside of North America. Xbox One launched in 13 territories on November 22, and sold-through over one million units at launch.

The report forecasts Wii U sales of 150,000, 700,000 Xbox 360 sales and 550,000 PS3 units.

PS 4 India release Date and Price

Online retailer Snapdeal has listed PS4 for pre-order with a price tag of Rs 40,000 ($632) and release date of December. The page claims that the product will be shipped on the release date itself. The company had earlier listed the product up for pre-order with a token deposit of Rs 1,999 in July.

Though Snapdeal has listed such a price, it is likely that the default SKU will be priced lower at around Rs 35,000- Rs 38,000 mark.

We believe this is because Sony was planning to charge the equivalent of $545 in India after including taxes and duties, which came up to Rs 30,000 at a valuation of Rs 55 per dollar a few months back. However now the Rupee stands at Rs 63.2 to a dollar, which brings the price of the console of a little less than Rs 34,500 (63*545). That being the case, there is a chance of the currency going back to the valuation of Rs 70 per dollar, which brings us to a little more than Rs 38,000 (70*545). So at what point can the console cost Rs 40,000? For that to happen, value of Indian Rupee need to exceed Rs 73 per dollar.


Source: Wedbust Securities Entertainment Software: November 2013 NPD Preview & Medianama

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