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Call of Duty: Ghosts The Wolf DLC is Coming

Call of Duty: Ghosts The Wolf DLC is Coming

Infinity Ward Has Officially Run Out of Ideas it seems 🙁 In what seems like a stupid joke, Infinity Ward’s alleged next DLC or microtransaction is going to be a skin – not for you but for your Guard Dog, the killstreak. At first, Call of Duty: Ghosts’s Riley was butt of every joke on the internet. For better or for worse, Riley was all over social networking sites. Some for ridicule, some for praise but mostly ridicule. Well, if Riley wasn’t cool enough for ya, by next week, you can pay a measly $4 to change Riley into “The Wolf”

Guard dog skins headed to Ghosts’ multiplayer


Basically, you cough up for $4 and after you get the 5 or 6 killstreak to call in your guard dog, it’ll be a wolf – that’s it. I’m still convinced this has been fabricated by some internet troll, just like thesurvivor2299 debacle, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem far-fetched. Infinity Ward and Activision have yet to announce any new DLC so until then, it’s on ice but is still probably going to happen.

PS We still need a confirmation on the same 🙂

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