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Black Ops 3 Might Be Best CoD Game Till Now

Black Ops 3 Might Be Best CoD Game Till Now

The Call of Duty franchise has always had either ardent followers or full on haters. You hardly find someone who would say that he/she is neither nor there when it comes to COD, its either you like it or you don’t.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 really tries hard to bridge that gap.

Developer Treyarch is taking a time period of three years to complete Black Ops 3. And based on demos journalists have played during studio visits have made clear one thing, which is they have not wasted not even a single minute of that time. Black Ops 3 will see the most number of changes since the franchise ditched the World War II type setting and moved on to modern type warfare years ago.

Treyarch didn’t start everything from scratch but they did strip down Call of Duty to its bare essentials before setting their targets and goals for the game. The results indicate a game with more fluid movement, combat variety and more personality than any game has ever seen in the franchise before.

It has four-player online co-op play too.


The developer used the time at hand wisely and was able to pick the best from the finest FPS’ to come out in the recent past—Titanfall and Destiny.

From Destiny it borrows the class system that gives you the choice of several character archetypes with their own unique abilities. In Black Ops 3 they will be cal “specialists.” The game will feature 9 specialists with two abilities each—a weapon and a move or another perk.

Titanfall’s influence can be seen in the Treyarch’s attempt to create the most fluidic movement system of any CoD game yet. You can run along a wall, jetpack through the air, switch directions mid-jump. You almost never have to put your gun down, as you can shoot while mantling over obstacles and walls, although it might affect your aiming but the action doesn’t stop.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 comes out on Friday, November the 6th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Does this make you more or less excited about this game’s release?

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