Next Call Of Duty Game Will Return To Modern Warfare (RUMOR)

Call of Duty World War II is still quite a while away from release but we may already have a hint as to what or more appropriately when the next Call of Duty game is going to be set in. Call of Duty games have a cycle where one year it is Sledgehammer while the next it is Treyarch Studios. Well, after WWII it is Treyarch’s turn and very recently they posted a listing for a System Designer on their website which hints towards a modern day game. The listing specifically calls for someone who has “deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology,”. If this is true, this would be the first time since 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 that a Call of Duty game will be set during a modern day setting. Every Call of Duty since that has been set either in the future or past with the...

Call of Duty: WWII ‘Meet the Squad’ Trailers

Call of Duty®: WWII tells the story of Private Ronald “Red” Daniels, a young recruit in the U.S. First Infantry Division who experiences combat for the first time on D-Day, one of the largest amphibious assaults in history. After surviving the beaches of Normandy, Red and his squad will fight their way across Europe, engaging the enemy in iconic battle locations such as the Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge, as they make their way into Germany. The journey begins on November 3. Ronald “Red” Daniels From rural farm life to hardened soldier, be prepared to sacrifice everything as Private Ronald “Red” Daniels in Call of Duty: WWII. Turner His years of military experience and compassionate leadership will help keep his men alive. Meet Lieutenant Joseph Turner, your command...

Top 5 Worst Call Of Duty Games Ever Made

With Call of Duty going back to its roots of World War II let’s take a look some of the Call of Duty games that were not really up to the mark or just fell flat when compared to its mighty legacy. Before people come at me with pitchforks, this is a list based on my opinion which will most likely differ from yours so before you start commenting with profanities, read why I feel so and then tell me why you think it shouldn’t be on this list. Call of Duty: Ghosts FISH A.I. I mean, when one of your selling points during a conference is ” Fish moving out of the way” what more can one say. Ghosts was released on the latest gen of consoles and was expected to make full use of the new consoles but that was not the case. It wasn’t just visually boring, the gameplay fel...

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Livestream | Gaming Central

Today we fight for our honour! And pizza, the winner gets pizza. We’re playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Find more on our Website:: Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay Livestream | PC Ultra Settings 1080p | Gaming Central

Let’s put on our rose tinted glasses, play Modern Warfare Remastered, and keep saying how this is the greatest Call Of Duty ever made! Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Also check out our Website:: Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Dorm Room Chronicles – JECRC

We’ve been working on a campaign called Gamer Rebellion where we showcase high end gaming PC’s in premier colleges across Delhi and Jaipur. I took this opportunity to meet with the students that reside in the hostels of these colleges and get an insight into what the gaming scene is like in these hostels. We’ve all had great memories from our college days and I just wanted these guys to be able to share their stories on our platform. A rebellion is brewing at #NSIT today at 3. Will you be there? #GamerRebellion #Gaming #VR #AMD #G2A #DeusEx #RX480 #GPU A photo posted by Gaming Central (@gamingcentralindia) on Sep 27, 2016 at 11:23pm PDT I was able to meet some of the students in the JECRC college hostel after our event at their college. I got to interact with boys from BH...

Conor McGregor Fights His Way Into Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

UFC super star Conor McGregor is set to appear in the upcoming Call of Duty game. The featherweight champion tweeted on the 3rd of September of his involvement with the Call of Duty franchise. The best team up with the best! As a huge fan I am honoured to be in a @CallofDuty game. #ad — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) September 3, 2016 And just last night he took to Instagram to post this f***ing badass picture with the caption – When the biggest need the baddest to do work, I answer the call. The post also mentions to keep an eye out for an announcement by Activision. When the biggest need the baddest to do work, I answer the call. Keep an eye on @CallofDuty tomorrow. #ad #InfiniteWarfare A photo posted by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Se...

New Call Of Duty To Be Set In Space?

Few days back we reported that the new Call of Duty will be allegedly a sequel to Ghosts and will be called Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 with Riley, the dog from the original Ghosts game as a playable character. Now the latest reports which have surfaced online suggest that the new COD will be set in space. Some of these first details were appeared online thanks to serial industry source veteran, Shinobi. This new COD title will be developed by Infinity Ward, the creators of the original title. It will be interesting to see how a person will shoot his guns in space and how will one express his pain through crying  since in space, no one can hear you scream. Other than that it will be fun to see Krypto flying here and there once in a while. What? A man can dream right? On a serious note though, C...

Black Ops 3 Might Be Best CoD Game Till Now

The Call of Duty franchise has always had either ardent followers or full on haters. You hardly find someone who would say that he/she is neither nor there when it comes to COD, its either you like it or you don’t. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 really tries hard to bridge that gap. Developer Treyarch is taking a time period of three years to complete Black Ops 3. And based on demos journalists have played during studio visits have made clear one thing, which is they have not wasted not even a single minute of that time. Black Ops 3 will see the most number of changes since the franchise ditched the World War II type setting and moved on to modern type warfare years ago. Treyarch didn’t start everything from scratch but they did strip down Call of Duty to its bare essentials before setting thei...

Leaked Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Videos

On the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s website you can find a lot of images and trailers that should satisfy most of the cravings you’d have for the upcoming game. In case that didn’t do the trick there are some videos there than can be only accessed if you unlock it by navigating the site- and somehow someone has given out the links to the videos for all to watch and enjoy, so…….enjoy! Remote Turret: Directed Energy   MP Medal- Terminated   MP Medal – Death from Above   Remote Turret: Rippable/Rocket/Sentry  

COD: Advanced Warfare Not Coming To Wii U

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is scheduled to come out to five platforms sometime later in the year but Wii U isn’t one of them. The prospect of a Wii U version of Advanced Warfare had yet to be officially addressed until today, when co-founder of developer Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condrey responded to a question on Twitter. “No, no Wii U. That was an Activision decision,” he wrote. “We are focused on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.” Sledgehammer is the lead developer on those three versions of the game, while High Moon Studios is working on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Wii U wasn’t a platform that Call of Duty was strongly associated with, however both of the series’ games released since 2012–Black Ops II and Ghosts–were released on Wii U...

Call of Duty: Ghosts hits $1 billion on launch day

Activision revealed two  days ago that  Call of Duty: Ghosts generated $1 billion in worldwide revenue on launch day. Activision made clear in its announcement that it “sold more than $1 billion of Call of Duty: Ghosts into retail stores worldwide as of day one,”  which technically means that this figure is based on the units sold to retailers and not on the number of units that ended up going to a consumer. In comparison to previous installments of the game, Call of Duty: Black Ops II took 15 days to reach $1 billion in sales, however this figure included units sold to consumers and not only to retailers. After referring to data from Microsoft, Activision also revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts has moved to the top spot on Xbox Live as the most-played game this week. Activisio...

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