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Prices For The Radeon RX 480 Further Dropped In India

Prices For The Radeon RX 480 Further Dropped In India

AMD has just announced a decrease in retail price of the Radeon RX 480. This is part of AMD’s commitment to provide premium technology to the Indian market engineered to deliver the best performance at the best price in its class, democratize VR and deliver a wide range of future-proof technologies supporting current and forthcoming game and video standards.

  • 4 GB variant – The new MSRP is INR 20,990 including taxes, a reduction of INR 2,000 from the previously stated INR 22,990 including taxes
  • 8 GB variant – The new MSRP is INR 22,990 including taxes, a reduction of INR 4,000 from the previously stated INR 26,990 including taxes

This price reduction will surely tend to boost the RX 480’s market presence as it makes probably makes it the cheapest card to offer premium VR experience. Not to mention the card comes with award winning Polaris architecture, making it AMD’s prized addition to the range of budget cards. The card offers high end performance, making your 1080p gaming experience seamless and as smooth as you can imagine. When running at 1440p as well, the card performs quite impressively, exceeding most of your expectations.  Moreover, being the cheapest card on the shelf capable of providing VR experiences, this will surely make the RX 480 a strong contender for people looking for a high end gaming performance without hurting their wallets too much. Add to that the fact that AMD has already fixed the power draw issues through a driver release, and you’ve gotten yourself your best gaming buddy.

Please note that the price is inclusive of Duty, Freight, Distribution margin and VAT. This price drop clearly comes to fight back against the GTX 1060, which is Nvidia’s budget card priced at Rs.23,000 in India. This once again keeps AMD in the competition for the budget range section, with the RX 480’s strong specs and VR capabilities.

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