rx 480 price in india

Prices For The Radeon RX 480 Further Dropped In India

AMD has just announced a decrease in retail price of the Radeon RX 480. This is part of AMD’s commitment to provide premium technology to the Indian market engineered to deliver the best performance at the best price in its class, democratize VR and deliver a wide range of future-proof technologies supporting current and forthcoming game and video standards. 4 GB variant – The new MSRP is INR 20,990 including taxes, a reduction of INR 2,000 from the previously stated INR 22,990 including taxes 8 GB variant – The new MSRP is INR 22,990 including taxes, a reduction of INR 4,000 from the previously stated INR 26,990 including taxes This price reduction will surely tend to boost the RX 480’s market presence as it makes probably makes it the cheapest card to offer premium VR experience. N...

AMD RX 480 Price and Leaked Benchmarks: Both Better than Expected

Disclaimer: Gaming Central does not vouch for the accuracy of any of these benchmarks. They were leaked online and were deleted soon after. However, a YouTuber by the name of Alex was able to quickly upload these on his channel.  The AMD Radeon RX 480 is available in two variants, a 4 GB and 8 GB . Powered by 2304 cores, this card is capable of gameplay at very high resolutions and VR as well. The memory on the Radeon RX 480 graphics card is clocked at 8 GB/s which gives us a total of 256 GB/s bandwidth on the graphics board along a 256-bit wide bus interface. Here are the specifications as given by TechPowerup. With these amazing specifications, it’s hard not to expect an equally amazing performance. And for a price tag of $200, the RX480 is a beast. Without further ado, let’s...

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