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Sony Playstation At E3 2017: What’s Confirmed/Expected

Sony Playstation At E3 2017: What’s Confirmed/Expected

Moving on with this little mini-series we have Sony. Now Sony has a lot of games that they can showcase at E3, a lot of them that look absolutely fantastic. But not only that, Sony is a bit of a wildcard when it comes to E3 conferences as they have a lot of surprises up their sleeve, like Shenmue 3 last year. So let’s start off with probably the most anticipated PS Exclusive

The Last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us was and still is one of the best PS Exclusives that you can play out there. A perfect example of a cinematic game that succeeds as also a zombie game with a fantastic story and beautiful character development.  Fans have been wanting more of it and when it was announced people were losing their minds and the hype for this is at the maximum. We all are expecting something more about the setting of the but don’t want spoilers. I also look forward to seeing how they further evolve the gameplay so that it doesn’t feel a story with forced gameplay.

God of War

The brutal, god-killing combat is something that has had people hooked ever since the first game and it got better with every iteration. With the ending of the 3 game being very ambiguous and then the gameplay trailer confusing and interesting people even more, people are looking forward to it more than anything else. The brutal combat has always acted as a destresser for a lot of people and we’re all interested to know about Kratos’ life after the events of the 3rd game. The game itself looks fantastic and the combat looks like an evolved version so here’s hoping we get a release date and more details soon.


Everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man is getting another reboot, what a surprise. But unlike most of the other ones, this reboot actually looks good. This is Insomniac’s first take at such a big world with such complex mechanics but from what we’ve been shown, it feels like Spider-Man.  I’m excited to see where this project goes and would love to know more information about it. Here’s hoping we get the Spider-Man we deserve.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage has always made games that are highly story driven and games that always are very interesting because of their themes. Yet again, he creates something that has not only intrigued me but also excites be to see where he goes with the idea of AI Sentience. The footage that has been shown to us looks fantastic in terms of graphics and also how the story pans out. Voice acting seems good and the cyberpunk setting also looks promising.  Some more information or a release date is something that everyone is looking forward to.

 Days Gone

Days Gone is an open-world Zombie Survival game that is exclusive to PS4 that was one of Sony’s surprise at E3 2016. Gear management, a crafting system, literal hordes of zombies that are swift, dynamic weather system and using your bike to travel around, this game looks very promising. We’ve seen a lot of zombie games but this seems like a fresh take on that style of the game and we would love to know more about this.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Nathan Drake’s story ended with Uncharted but thankfully we have more Uncharted coming in a form of a stand-alone DLC. Following Nadine and Chloe and their adventures in India, The Lost Legacy is Naughty Dogs’ largest level yet and even though we have seen a bit about the game it would be great to see some more just to hype us up a bit for the release of this game.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo’s much-awaited debut on the PS has racing fans very excited. With phenomenal visuals, a new online championship mode and the inclusion of concept cars this game seems like the best Gran Turismo experience till date.  Here’s hoping we get to learn more about this game and maybe even get a release date. Maybe a VR mode too?

Bloodborne 2

Now you may think wait, what? Bloodborne 2? With From Software’s recent job listings and Sony apparently bringing Japanese Games to E3 rumours are floating that we might see something about Bloodborne II. Bloodborne has been a lot of people’s favourite “Souls”-like game and with what seems like the conclusion of the Dark Souls series, people have been aching for more Souls-like gameplay. Here’s hoping we get a little surprise from From Software.

Death Stranding not at E3 🙁

We were all expecting more Death Stranding at E3 but Hideo Kojima tweeted saying that they won’t be at E3 this year as they focusing on developing the game but that doesn’t mean Kojima can’t tease us. He released an image with the word “Bridges” and a spider-web in the shape of a star. We don’t what he has planned but we do know that Hideo will be streaming with Geoff Keighley and Jordan Vogt-Roberts at E3 Coliseum on Wednesday 14th June.

That wraps up what we can expect from Sony at E3 this year. Sony are known to have some surprises so let’s see what they unveil this year. let us know your thoughts about Sony’s Press Conference and E3 by commenting. Also while you’re at it, why not check out Ubisoft at E3 and Bethesda at E3.

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