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The Most Disappointing Games Of 2017 So Far

The Most Disappointing Games Of 2017 So Far

The year 2017 has had some amazing releases like Yakuza Zero, Resident Evil 7, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, like every year there are games that we were looking forward to that failed to live up to our expectations and some outright horrible games. Here’s a look at some of the disappointing games of 2017:

Mass Effect Andromeda

Ever Since the disaster that was the ending of Mass Effect 3, people were looking for answers. Then the next Mass Effect game was announced which was to be set in another galaxy, during the events of Mass Effect 2, away from the Reapers. Some were happy, while others were sad. Slowly we got more information and hopes began to grow for this game, with a new engine and better technology, the expectations were high. Then came the gameplay footage which showed how laughably bad the facial animations were but, people expected it to be fixed by launch. NOPE! It was just as bad during launch but that wasn’t the only issue. The game looked gorgeous but yet felt like it lacked character. Missions were boring and repetitive, the story felt bland, the characters were forgettable and Ryder was nothing special, as compared to Shephard. The game got torn to shreds by reviewers for all the above-mentioned reasons and then we got to know the “Mass Effect” franchise has been shelved. And not only that, Single Player DLC has also been shelved in favour of the story being continued in a graphic comic. So yeah, a beloved franchise just got shelved because of the incompetence of EA and Bioware due to which fans of the series are not happy.

Tekken 7

Tekken has always been one of my favourite fighting games but I’m no pro at it, however, even I can tell when a game is lacking in content. Tekken 7 is visually splendid, mechanically sound but that’s about it. Some people might say that mechanics are the most important thing for a fighting game and that is true but, it also needs to have content. This is where the game really disappointed me. Fan favourite characters are missing, character stories are just one fight long and barely even have stories and don’t get me started on the bullshit padding in the story mode which you can read about here. It seemed like it was released in this state so that it could be ready for Evo which was the case of Street Fighter V on launch but only time will tell if content will be added to the game to make this game worth the $60.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

An extremely ambitious game as stated by the devs themselves that fell short because it tried to do too much with no proper polish. The elements of the game when looked at separately look like a recipe for something amazing but, the way it was crafted together didn’t work for it. This small team of Polish devs was trying to play catch up with most AAA titles but in the end, it ended up being a game with solid shooting mechanics mashed with a boring story, bad driving mechanics and horrible load times. In short, you could call this a bad mix of Far Cry 4 and Sniper Elite where it fails to stand out on its own. With more time, maybe the game could’ve been something spectacular but now, we can only wonder.

Yooka Laylee

Yooka Laylee was worked on by a team of devs who had previously worked on one of the best platformer games, Banjo-Kazooie. This game was meant to bring back the charm, the fun of playing platformers similar to its spiritual predecessors. However, it was marred by awkward camera angles, bad checkpoint placement, and somewhat unresponsive controls. It felt like they kept all that in for the sake of “authenticity”. But in the end, it failed to live up to expectations and will go down as a very average 3D platformer.

Double Dragon IV

Arc System Works is known to make fantastic games, from the original Double Dragon to Guilty Gear and BlazBlue in recent times and even the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, Double Dragon IV is a game that feels like Arc System Works had absolutely no hand in. Taking too much inspiration from the original game, this game just feels like it is in the wrong time period. It has repetitive combos, off-screen enemies beating you, lane placements that don’t work quite well. Basically, it’s a game from a genre that hasn’t aged well and the fact that there are no real modern elements to improve the gameplay makes it feel like a game lost in the land of time.

Life of Black Tiger

Who the hell even allowed this game to get licensed to be sold on the PlayStation Store? Seriously, what the hell was that person smoking because I want it. This game is a FREE mobile game that was ported over, looks as “good” as a PlayStation 1 game for which they’re charging $10. It also has music STOLEN from an anime.  The gameplay is atrocious, the text seems to be written by a 6th grader and the animation is extremely basic. I could go on and on but DigitalFoundry did a wonderful job of dissecting this game and I recommend you go watch that and find out for yourself.

Super Bomberman R

A Nintendo Switch launch title that honestly feels like a game that would be sold on the Xbox Arcade Store or the Wii Shop for 10$. This game, however, costs the full $60. It barely has any content that justifies the price and is only truly fun when played with a bunch of friends. However, a lot of times that goes for a lot of Nintendo’s games but this isn’t the case here. It feels like a cash-grab and I was very disappointed because I used to a play a lot of Bomberman back in the day.

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