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The Most Disappointing Games Of 2017 So Far

The year 2017 has had some amazing releases like Yakuza Zero, Resident Evil 7, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, like every year there are games that we were looking forward to that failed to live up to our expectations and some outright horrible games. Here’s a look at some of the disappointing games of 2017: Mass Effect Andromeda Ever Since the disaster that was the ending of Mass Effect 3, people were looking for answers. Then the next Mass Effect game was announced which was to be set in another galaxy, during the events of Mass Effect 2, away from the Reapers. Some were happy, while others were sad. Slowly we got more information and hopes began to grow for this game, with a new engine and better technology, the expectations ...

Top 10 Worst Video Games Of 2017

This year we have seen good games, some meh games and some shit games. We’ve talked at length about the good games and this list focuses on the bad ones. These are the games that you should skip this year, and it’s not going to be that hard, given the sheer amount of great titles released in 2017. So here are the top 10 worst games of 2017: [interaction id=”59704b455ef522b21624d53e”] Moto Racer 4 This Iteration of Moto Racer wasn’t able to leave a mark. The game is bland, mediocre, dull and generic racing game, the game is not even good looking. And it has one of the annoying campaign modes every featured in a Moto Racer game. It’s progression system is like a mobile game where you require stars to progress through levels. It’s tries to be a racer ...

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