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Top Android Games From August 2014

Top Android Games From August 2014

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. From reminding you to pick up some milk on your way home from work to sending urgent documents to your boss before the deadline, smartphones have crept into every nook and corner of our routines and have altered the way we function.

With the age of smartphones reaching its prime, we as consumers are exposed to an assortment of apps that make our lives easier and act as a mode of entertainment. There are so many apps now available for you to download, if there is one app that you don’t like, there will ten other developers that will make that same app but with other customizations that would probably suit you better.

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Same goes for games, under the free games section in Google Play (cause we’re Indians and paying for something doesn’t come naturally) you can keep scrolling on and on till your fingers get tired. We’ve done the sorting out for you and bring you nothing but the best games from August 2014–


1. Ice Age Adventures


The most beloved characters from the Ice Age franchise have made their way into mobile gaming. The game Ice Age Adventures is a puzzle game that is similar to Candy Crush. Players can chose Sid, Manny or Diego to go through levels and overcome obstacles. You unlock special animals as you progress and can gain power-ups as you make your way up. And the best part, it’s free.


2. Surgeon Simulator


This game, as the name suggests is designed to challenge a players surgical skill. Surgeon Simulator has a sim based game play and you have to perform surgeries like transplanting vital organs without harming the patients. Becoming a doctor comes at a price, so does this game at Rs. 400


3. Unpossible


A very simple game that finds itself set in the neon world which adds to its appeal. Unpossible allows players to travel on a futuristic highway that crosses the entire globe. This highway stretches from oceans to cities and into the sky. Players have to depend on their memory to overcome obstacles. The game costs Rs. 120


4. Duet


A challenging arcade game with an atmospheric feel to it. Duet challenges you to control two vessels (red and blue) while you progress further into the next level, all this while dodging obstacles. The challenge is that the two vessels are in complete sync with each other and if you turn the circle that they orbit to dodge obstacles, you run the risk of the vessels ramming into each other. Its a great game and most of all it is free.


5. Swing Copters


From the developers of Flappy Birds, we are now presented with Swing Copters. Like Flappy Birds, this game features 8-bit graphics and a simple yet extremely tough gameplay. Users are required to navigate their character who has a propeller on his head without hitting any obstacles. It is as frustrating as Flappy Birds was, so the developer rolled out an update last week to make it less of a headache to play. You probably already know, but the game is free.


6. Alone


Players have to control a rocket shit travelling through space while avoiding all sorts of debris, comets and other rocks coming its way. It is really simple, well at least on paper it is. The game is insanely hard and requires a lot of concentration and skill. Alone comes with three unlock-able difficult levels and two bonus modes for hours of game play. This one costs though, about Rs. 150


So there you have it, a round up of some of the better games to come to Android. Are there any games you’ve played in August that you felt should have been mentioned in this article, let us know in the comments below…

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