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Exclusive Interview: Nazara And Zeptolabs

India’s premier mobile game publishing company Nazara Games has signed a multi-year deal to exclusively publish “Cut The Rope” franchise in Indian subcontinent. “Cut the Rope” is one of the most popular mobile gaming brand worldwide and has over 750 million downloads worldwide since its launch and has over 50 Million monthly active users playing the game every month. We had an interesting conversation with Manish, the CEO at Nazara, and Deniz from Zeptolabs, where they reveal more information about the partnership, and what they have in store for the Indian audience. Gaming Central: Could you tell us a bit about the partnership between Nazara and Zeptolabs? Denis Morozov: Well, so basically, our games have become extremely popular around the world. Cut The Rope has been there since 2009, a...

Unofficial ‘Counter Strike’ Is Being Ported To Android

We’ve seen many classic games ported to mobile but this “unofficial” game will surely be popular among lovers of the retro FPS by Valve. With less restrictions on Google Play submissions, you will soon be able to run this on your Android device! Based on HLSDK 2.3, this open-source replacement is a rewriting of the Counter-Strike 1.6 client and is developed by SDLash3D. The project is coming along nicely, as it has only been in the works for about a week or so. Are you excited for the android version of Counter Strike? For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Cinematic Trailer For “Sniper Fury”

Gameloft’s mobile game catalogue ranges from casual experiences to more hardcore, first-person shooters and racing games. Sniper Fury comes from the same studio behind their hardcore shooting games Modern Combat 5, Brother in Arms 3 and Blitz Brigade. But Sniper Fury focuses on taking aim with a sniper rifle. Sniper Fury has you taking out terrorists of busy environments with innocent bystanders. Using several technologies and upgrades, you’ll improve your chances in completing missions and taking out the enemies successfully. The game will be coming for IOS, Android and Windows. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Afterpulse Launches Worldwide On App Store

Digital Legends Entertainment and GAMEVIL have finally released the multiplayer action across the globe. Based in a post-apocalyptic battlefield, Afterpulse uses photorealistic lighting and shadows to make the game come to life and applies Apple’s Metal API and 64-bit support. Afterpulse is a free-to-play game as you can select from seven weapon types and upgrade your soldier during and for matches. There is a free-for-all option along with an 8-player team deathmatch. The gameplay focuses on taking aim and using your crosshairs while attacking others from all angles. There are only a handful of online multiplayer shooters out there and lacks the number of quality. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

NBA 2K16 Comes To Mobile

It was inevitable for 2K to release this year’s NBA 2K16 to mobile devices. Each yeah, we see major improvements to the gameplay quality although it still is far behind recent console versions. In the latest instalment, expect to see major improvements and features from its predecessor. NBA 2K16 for iOS and Android includes a full MyCareer, Blacktop, and Season modes. More importantly, there is improved graphics, better game performance and a new control scheme that hopes to make it right this time around.Finally, the last addition announced includes Euroleague teams.     As for Android users, you will need Android 4.3 and up as well as premium Android device to support this game. Beware of compatibility as it will not run on an iPad 2 or iPhone 4s and below. Also, the iPad Mini 1, iPad 3,...

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Now Available On Play Store

After releasing countless trailers and information on each of the characters, the first episode, entitled The Order of the Stone, has finally made its way to the Google Play Store. Like other Telltale games, Minecraft: Story Mode will consist of five episodes, and each one will be available as an in-app purchase for around $4.99 a piece. This game features an all-star cast. The main characters are voiced by Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Corey Feldman, Paul Reubens and more. The first episode is now available in the Play Store for just $4.99. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Trailer Of “Road To Motor City” Revealed

CezarGames have announced a new game dedicated to mobile devices, more specifically the iOS platform. The Road To Motor City is an adventure slash car game with a mixture of racing and arcade elements. The game consists vintage cars and puzzles, as you’re out to find “the meaning of life”. The game will be released in January 2016. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

“The Mammoth: A Cave Painting” Now Available On Play Store And iOS

The Mammoth: A Cave Painting is the debut game from newly-formed indie studio Inbetweengames.The Mammoth: A Cave Painting you control a mother mammoth gathering and protecting her children from attacking humans. Inbetweengames is comprised of three former members of triple-A studio Yager Development, responsible for Spec Ops: The Line and, until recently, Dead Island 2. On the decision to go indie, designer Jan David Hassel said that the team felt they still had “something to prove”. “We want to make games and give them to you. That’s what we’re here for,” Hassel said. “That didn’t really work out in AAA the last couple of years for us. So we will have a go at this indie thing…It will either work out or it will go up in flames.” The Mammoth: A Cave Painting is available now on iTunes...

Tech Demo Of “Time Horror”

Mobile Graphics are getting better and better day by day. This work in progress called Time Horror is a new mobile game in the works from Fyurien Studios. There is still a long way to go but it certainly shows promise in the quality of graphics we can expect to see on a mobile device. This gameplay was captured on an iPhone 6. Time Horror takes place in a test lab, where you are surrounding by the horror and bouncing through time periods after you’ve suffered a catastrophic accident. The game is still in development but take a moment to admire the graphics. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Sonic Dash 2 Coming To Play Store On October 15

For Android users in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Africa, you can expect the game to arrive on October 15, 2015. Sega says that Sonic Dash 2 will be rolling out to other regions shortly after that. This latest addition to the long-running Sonic franchise is specifically based upon the new Sonic cartoon “Sonic Boom”, and so you can not only expect the same universe from the series, but also the same cast of characters. Even the voice actors are all signed on for this one. As for the gameplay itself, while it bears similarity to the first Sonic Dash, there are plenty of improvements baked in including fully 3D artwork, a new team play mode that enables the player to race up three other characters, and even the option to play each area as any available character. There are few new spe...

Shooty Skies Coming To Android

The highly anticipated news comes from indie games studio Mighty Games. The team has taken it to Twitter to share that an Android version of Shooty skies is “in the works”. This was but a quick answer to a fan’s question, so sadly there is not much more info coming from the developer. Some would say Shooty Skies is a successor to Crossy Road; mostly because it was made by the same team. And though there are some similarities, such as the pixelated 3D graphics, cute characters and overall feel, these games are quite different. Shooty Skies takes you to the skies, where you can pilot an airplane using colorful animals, “adorable enemies”, loot crates and more. Just think of the classic airplane shooter games, in which the player can simply control an airplane in a linear map that leaves you ...

Murder: Cyberpunk Short Story Game Coming To Mobile

MURDER by Peter Moorhead and published by Curve Digital seeks to tell a rich short story with compelling gameplay in a 30-40 minute playtime. The upcoming game takes place in cyberpunk Tokyo where the creators describes as “exploring the intersection of morality and sentience in a feature where both have become commodities”. Players will play the role of Lieutenant Motomeru Minori of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. The game will be arriving on Steam and Humble on October 21, followed by IOS and Android releases in November.The design is minimalistic,it will include full voice acting with each character owning a unique identity for players to become absorbed in their environment. You can check out some of the visuals below. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

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