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Top 5 Worst Male Character Designs In Video Games

Top 5 Worst Male Character Designs In Video Games

As much as we love our iconic characters in Video Games, some of the character designs are just bad. Here are the top 5 worst character designs in Video Games:

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The Prince (Prince of Persia Warrior Within)

The Prince has been one of the oldest video game icons, and we absolutely love him. However, in Warrior Within they made the prince an angsty dude. This Prince tried to be edgy and lacked personality and he seemed angry all the time.

Dante (Devil May Cry Reboot)

The 2013 reboot of this classic franchise disappointed alot of fans. In previous iterations of the franchise Dante was a likable and cheesy character, in this game Dante looks more like a ladykiller than a Demon killer. Old Dante looked like he was ready for a fight not going to college.

Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5)

There is no drastic change in this character from the previous iterations of the franchise. Chris had an appealing design in previous games but in Resident Evil 5 he became a generic white guy in army uniform, and has big arms, like really big arms.

Rad Spencer (Bionic Commando)

Bionic Commando might not a big franchise, but earlier the game had that cheesy charm to it which got lost in the reboot. Infact we got a generic character by giving the character dreadlocks, angsty attitude.

Remy (Street Fighter 3 Third Strike)

Remy is a self pitying emo kid with long green hair. You don’t look for this type of character in a fighting game. Remy is one of the most negative character in Street Fighter, his character bio states that he hates everyone who he meets. This makes him an unlikable character.

Tell us which character designs do you hate, down below and register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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