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Top 5 PC Video Games That You Should Play On The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Top 5 PC Video Games That You Should Play On The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Hardcore gamers often scoff at the idea of playing games on smartphones, but lately there’s been a surge of really high quality games releasing on the Google Play Store. And not just good mobile games, there are excellent ports of beloved PC titles that are now available for smartphones. Even so, many won’t like the idea of playing on a small screen, and here’s where the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will change your mobile gaming experience forever. With a high quality 9.7″ sAMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab S3 is an absolute delight to play on.

The Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM make for a smooth gaming experience, and the 6000 mAh battery enable long hours of play time.

I’ve been playing some of my favorite PC games on the go lately, and here are top 5 of them that I would recommend to any gamer. Hey, playing good games on a flagship tablet might just change your mind about mobile gaming!

Banner Saga

An epic role-playing game set in the Viking lore, where you choices impact the story and your overall journey. As you make allies and choose who to help, you will be fighting a threat to the entire civilization. Not everyone survives the journey, but none will be forgotten.

Bully Scholarship Edition

Ever wondered what would it be like if Rockstar made a game based on an average kid’s school life? Well, it would be exactly what Bully is. Oh, and Jimmy is no average kid. Sit through classes, learn Maths, English, Science, and more. Stand up to jocks, get the girl you never dreamed of, and rise the social ladder of Bullworth Academy.

Telltale Games (Batman, The Walking Dead, etc)

From The Walking Dead to now Guardians Of The Galaxy, Telltale has been making some of the best narrative driven games. Albeit the issues with it’s outdated engine, the games always capture the imagination with the emotionally powerful stories they tell, while keeping you even more invested by making your choices matter.

XCOM Enemy Within

Acclaimed to be among the best tactics games every, XCOM: Enemy Within expands upon the series’ staple formula, and has you fighting against alien forces to defend your home planet. With a wide array of tactical abilities and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, XCOM offers great depth in gameplay, allowing you to play your way.

GTA Series

GTA’s open world sandbox gameplay is unmatched till date. With always a satirical story to tell, filled with a quirky cast of characters, and excellent gunplay, Grand Theft Auto on smartphones is absolutely fun to play. One of my personal favorites, GTA Chinatown Wars is what I would recommend to anyone wanting to try GTA on smartphones.

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