Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3?

Here’s our review/impressions of the Galaxy Tab S3, the new high-end tablet by Samsung. We take a look at the performance, gaming, display and more. And if you enjoy playing games on smartphones, here are some really good ones you should try on the Tab S3: Top 5 PC Video Games That You Should Play On The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

Top 5 PC Video Games That You Should Play On The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Hardcore gamers often scoff at the idea of playing games on smartphones, but lately there’s been a surge of really high quality games releasing on the Google Play Store. And not just good mobile games, there are excellent ports of beloved PC titles that are now available for smartphones. Even so, many won’t like the idea of playing on a small screen, and here’s where the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will change your mobile gaming experience forever. With a high quality 9.7″ sAMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab S3 is an absolute delight to play on. The Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM make for a smooth gaming experience, and the 6000 mAh battery enable long hours of play time. I’ve been playing some of my favorite PC games on the go lately, and here are top 5...

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