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Top 5 Most Controversial Gaming Opinions That Divided The Community

Top 5 Most Controversial Gaming Opinions That Divided The Community

Ever since the dawn of video games decades ago, they have been a pivot for controversies; ‘the kids won’t play outside’, ‘the kids are becoming violent’, and ‘pay to find out how it ends’ and the list goes on. Although this list has practically no end, today we’ll sum up 5 of the most bizarre controversial gaming opinions.

Video games promote terrorism?  

Terrorism has always been a sensitive topic, and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 airport massacre in the “No Russians” mission condensed this theory.

Video games sexualize women?

This theory is true to some extent, especially if you see female characters in Japanese games. Last year, when Blizzard released the still of tracer which emphasised on her butt, it was greeted with much heat across the internet.

Pay to win?

The introduction of microtransactions and DLC in order to proceed with the game wasn’t welcomed but it still managed to make its way into the modern industry. Although many still oppose it, they can be found in almost all the games these days.

Video games make children violent?

I’m pretty sure you heard this one from your parents, at least I did. I heard it a lot. There have been scientific studies that are both in favour and opposition of the theory, parents tend to favour it.

PC master race and Console peasants?

This is the controversy that has recently surfaced among the gamers. The players that play on PC try to dominate the console players by bragging about better graphics. This controversy makes no sense as both the systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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