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Top 10 Amazing Video Games With A Terrible Start

Top 10 Amazing Video Games With A Terrible Start

Some times great ideas and themes take some time to come through in Video Games. These games are overall great but fail to capture the player’s interest in the early hours of the game. This is a list of amazing games that had terrible or wobbly start:

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Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5 is good game by all means but the same cannot be said for the prologue of the game. It takes too long to for the game to give us full control of the protagonist. In the first level you have to crawl through the hospital floor and wait for the next cutscene to queue. It can be tiring as it is about an hour long of crawling and cutscenes. Not a very good start for an open world game. But after the that level is through the game somewhat redeems itself.


Driver was one of the first 3D racing games to come to PlayStation 1. Overall it’s a really good game but the tutorial level is the reason many people gave up on the game in the first place. In the tutorial level you have to show your driving skills and perform some manoeuvres in a parking lot under a minute and there is no help from the game on how to complete them, you just have to do it with hit and trial method.


Okami is one of the greatest game of the PlayStation 2 era. If you are not a fan of reading then this game might be a huge let down for you, as for the first 20 minutes of the game you are supposed to read text off the screen and worst part is that it’s unskippable. And for the first few hours the developers keeps us on a tight lease. The game takes time to open but when it does it gives a game that is extraordinary.


Many of us picked up Undertale due to it’s good reviews (I’m one of them), but got easily bored in the first few minutes of the game and finally gave on the game. The extremely long opening level is a major turnoff, in which you have to complete simple puzzles in a bland area. Don’t get me wrong the game is really a good, but the starting level could have been better.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Zelda games mostly have slow start but Twilight Princess took it too far. The game takes forever to give you control, it had too much tutorial in one place and you had to perform simple tasks like catching fish, herding etc. This is a Zelda game not a farming simulator.

Kingdom Hearts II

The prologue in Kingdon Hearts 2 is boring and stretched for about 4 hours long, and 6 days in in-game time and that too in a single city. It’s like staring at a clock. The prologue of this game felt like you have to eat beans before getting to eat pizza. Kingdom Hearts II tests your patience before giving you a treat.

Witcher 2 Assassins Of Kings

In most of the games there is a difficulty curve but not in Witcher 2, this game drop you head first into a challenge. In the prologue of this game you are supposed to protect a castle from invaders. It seems exciting but it lacked in execution and felt like a chore. There is only a brief sequence of combat training and even after it still remains difficult to encounter enemies. The worst part of this intro is that it acts as a barrier for an amazing game.

Heavy Rain

At the beginning of Heavy Rain you have to make your character go through daily doings like brushing, showering etc. It feels like you are playing a life simulator rather than a crime drama. The developers tried this so that we would care for the characters but I think it fell flat a bit.

Mass Effect

This game has one of the best stories in this decade. But takes alot of time to pickup. In the first hours of the game you just have to walk and talk to people and aliens, which is a drawback for an action game.

Persona 4

It’s one of the best RPG’s but it starts really slow. The game takes 2 hours to give you full control of the game, but before you only have to press X from time to time. It has one of the best stories in the franchise so it is bearable, but they could have pulled it of better.

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  1. I’ve only played 2 of the games listed here and I must point out that The Witcher 2 does have an optional tutorial ‘mode’/scene right in the beginning of the game that teaches you the basics of combat (I know this because I sucked at it and went through this tutorial 2-5x). That being said the second game I went through was MGS5 and I thoroughly enjoyed the intro.


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