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Heavy Rain – Review

I originally played Heavy Rain on the PS3, and remembered kinda liking it, despite some issues with both the story and the gameplay. Heavy Rain was unique, and it looked amazing. And the gameplay was novel. Playing it on PC, immediately takes me back. And it’s still kinda good. I am unable to give an open recommendation, because Heavy Rain is not for everyone. You need to be into this kind of game to like it. You play as multiple characters, looking into a kidnapping. It’s a dark tale, and the atmosphere is really well done. It still looks fantastic on PC and if you want an entertaining story, despite some cliched moments, Heavy Rain is completely worth your time. Pros: Great atmosphere Looks good Interesting and choice and consequence driven gameplay Cons: Not for everyone Score – 7...

Top 10 Amazing Video Games With A Terrible Start

Some times great ideas and themes take some time to come through in Video Games. These games are overall great but fail to capture the player’s interest in the early hours of the game. This is a list of amazing games that had terrible or wobbly start: [interaction id=”59648b43d6d87f2d0f19f09f”] Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain Metal Gear Solid 5 is good game by all means but the same cannot be said for the prologue of the game. It takes too long to for the game to give us full control of the protagonist. In the first level you have to crawl through the hospital floor and wait for the next cutscene to queue. It can be tiring as it is about an hour long of crawling and cutscenes. Not a very good start for an open world game. But after the that level is through the game somew...

RIP PS3 – The Top 20 Playstation 3 Games of All Time

With the recent news that production for the Playstation 3 has stopped in Japan and with Worldwide production to stop soon, we decided to pay tribute to this great console and list the top 20 games that you can play on this console. This article is based on my own personal opinion so if you see a game that is not there but you think is really good, let us know by commenting. The Last of Us A game with the ability to move you to tears in the first half an hour that has fantastic gameplay and a gripping story that will leave you feeling very attached to the characters, this is an absolute must play. Red Dead Redemption The best Wester-spaghetti game that you can play, this console exclusive is one of the games that PC gamers are dying to play and with a sequel in works, it might be time to r...

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