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The 4 Best Co-Op Games for PS4

The 4 Best Co-Op Games for PS4

The latest consoles have an assortment of new games to play, both solo and with friends.

While at times you’ll need to join your forces to solve mind-boggling puzzles or hordes of foes. We explored a set of PlayStation 4 titles which have something for all you co-op gamers.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

It could not get better than this, with a combination of Legos and the glib team of Avengers? You and your friends get to play alone or together as members of the well-known team to save the world in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. All heroes have their trademark superpowers, and you’ll need all their might to go into battle against the most devious villains of the Marvel universe.

Lego Marvel SuperHeroes


For Joash and me the word “football” conjures up images of a black and white ball and rabid European fans. With an all new set of players movements and behaviours a much sharper look those old consoles couldn’t dream of matching. EA did receive some flak from long-time fans for removing the Tournament feature, but with many available co-op modes remaining, this is still an excellent title for going multiplayer. You can also go head-to-head against another gamer in Seasons and Online Friendlies, or team up with friends for two-on-two games.




Killzone Shadow Fall

A PlayStation exclusive, Killzone Shadow Fall has all the warfare that gamers have come to expect. Warzone matches players through a ringer of several traditional co-op modes (such as Team Deathmatch or Search and Destroy) all in one battle royale.

Players can also customize their own rules for matches, setting the modes, number of players, classes or weapons allowed, then share those creations with the online community.

killzone shadow fall high res


Battlefield 4

No game delivers complex, realistic warfare as well as the Battlefield franchise. Technical difficulties plagued the last release at launch, but history now J Battlefield 4 has dynamic, visually stunning maps that require players to display finesse and strategy in order to achieve victory. Now that DICE has cleaned up most of the issues, players can enjoy the classic Conquest or Rush battles, or the new Obliteration and Defuse modes.


The Xbox One may be getting the expansions and other new content first, but superior graphics capabilities make the PS4 the platform of choice for the console crowd.



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