Killzone Shadow Fall

Californian Man Sues Sony over Killzone: Shadow Fall’s graphics

Sony Computer Entertainment America has gone onto some bumpy terrain as a lawsuit is headed their way alleging “deceptive marketing” of Killzone: Shadow Fall because the PlayStation 4 game’s multiplayer mode does not run at the resolution it is advertised. California resident Douglas Ladore filed this suit against the company in the Northern District California court, which alleges that Sony advertised Killzone: Shadow Fall would run at 1080p resolution but “used a technological shortcut that was supposed to provide ‘subjectively similar’ results.” Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry analyzed Shadow Fall‘s graphics and found that the PS4 game’s multiplayer component runs at 960 by 1080 resolution — as opposed to 1080p resolution — with a ...

The 4 Best Co-Op Games for PS4

The latest consoles have an assortment of new games to play, both solo and with friends. While at times you’ll need to join your forces to solve mind-boggling puzzles or hordes of foes. We explored a set of PlayStation 4 titles which have something for all you co-op gamers. Lego Marvel Super Heroes It could not get better than this, with a combination of Legos and the glib team of Avengers? You and your friends get to play alone or together as members of the well-known team to save the world in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. All heroes have their trademark superpowers, and you’ll need all their might to go into battle against the most devious villains of the Marvel universe. FIFA 14 For Joash and me the word “football” conjures up images of a black and white ball and rabid Eur...

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s latest map The Canyon is now available

Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s latest map, The Canyon, is now available for download, developer Guerrilla Games announced today. Set in the Helghast capital of Pyrrhus City, The Canyon consists of the decaying remnants of the city’s palace. The Helghast have adapted the structure for a new purpose: pumping a natural resource, petrusite, to nearby mines. Shadow Fallplayers will find a new gameplay element on The Canyon, gravity wells, which help combatants quickly float upward. The map offers a mix of close-quarters combat and more open areas. Guerrilla has added The Canyon to an existing map pack, the one that contains The Hangar and The Cruiser. Players who get the add-on will be able to download the newly released Canyon map. The map is free, like all Shadow Fall maps.

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