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Steam Reiterates Its Refund Policy Regarding No Man’s Sky

Steam Reiterates Its Refund Policy Regarding No Man’s Sky

After a Reddit post claiming that Steam was offering refunds for No Man’s Sky irrespective of playtime went up, people were quick to take notice. The post became widely popular, going to to become on of the most upvoted posts on the site, and while it is technically not false, it is misleading.

Yes, it is possible to get a refund on No Man’s Sky irrespective of the fact whether you’ve played it for 1 hour or 100, Valve hasn’t exactly made an exception to its automatic refund policy for the game, and thanks to the huge number of players asking for a refund, there’s now a PSA on the No Man’s Sky store page to make things clear.

As the official policy, a game will be refunded by Valve as long as “the request is made within fourteen days of purchase, and the title has been played for less than two hours.” However, due to the rising number of dissatisfied players under the impression that No Man’s Sky is an exception, mainly due to claims of false advertising and technical issues in the PC port, Valve thought it was necessary to make it clear that the game is no way an exemption in any case.

A lot of users have found success in their refund appeals, but this is because of their direct appeals to the customer service, not an exception to the refund policy. It is unclear at present as to how many people have actually succeeded in refunding their copy of the game and how it may end up affecting the future of the game (if it has any, hehe).

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