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Steam Reiterates Its Refund Policy Regarding No Man’s Sky

After a Reddit post claiming that Steam was offering refunds for No Man’s Sky irrespective of playtime went up, people were quick to take notice. The post became widely popular, going to to become on of the most upvoted posts on the site, and while it is technically not false, it is misleading. Yes, it is possible to get a refund on No Man’s Sky irrespective of the fact whether you’ve played it for 1 hour or 100, Valve hasn’t exactly made an exception to its automatic refund policy for the game, and thanks to the huge number of players asking for a refund, there’s now a PSA on the No Man’s Sky store page to make things clear. As the official policy, a game will be refunded by Valve as long as “the request is made within fourteen days of purchase, and the...

Sony, Steam And Amazon Offering Refunds On No Man’s Sky Irrespective Of Playtime

For most of the people, No Man’s Sky has been nothing but one disappointment after another. Allegedly, it is nowhere close to what Hello Games had promised. Needless to say, it was a huge letdown. Amazon, Sony (through the PSN) and Steam, all seem to agree on this viewpoint. Hence, they have started refunding the digital copies of the game regardless of how long you’ve spent playing the game. “You can do this with practically anything on Steam so long as you are not abusing the system,” posted NeoGaf user Nzyme32. “I assume they have some internal criteria for all this in coming to a decision as to whether you can get a refund when outside the normal refund criteria. I managed to get a refund on Volume & Homeworld Remastered (which I have since repurchased...

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